Toddler Backpack Tutorial

Preschool Backpack Pattern and Tutorial

Oh the plans I have for this project. It’s a toddler backpack tutorial and it’s perfect for things like trips on airplanes or to Grandma’s house or to preschool or daycare (it can be a preschool backpack too). And it’s adorable and kid friendly and fun. But subscribe to this blog if you want to…

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Pajamas Tutorial

Pajamas tutorial

I think a lot of us probably made pajama pants in 7th grade Home Ec. Do you still remember how? The thing is, pajamas are pretty easy to make and are very forgiving because it doesn’t really matter if they fit all that great so they are a good beginner’s project. Every year I make my boys’ Christmas pajamas, so I figured why not give you a pajamas tutorial? This tutorial is done using no pattern, just copying a pair of pants that you already have on hand.

Pajamas tutorial