25 Chocolate Christmas Cookie Recipes

25 Chocolate Cookie Recipes to Make this Christmas

I’ve been told there are people in this world who don’t like chocolate. I don’t understand. To not like chocolate? What a sad, deprived life. I like chocolate. Just a little bit. If it’s dessert and it’s not chocolate, I’m not really interested. I can’t seem to stop eating chocolate-especially at this time of year! So, this post won’t help that problem, but it will be fun and yummy!

How about 25 Christmas cookie ideas (or really, they could be year round cookie ideas) that ALL involve chocolate. Who’s with me on this?

Christmas Cookie recipes

Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies

These cookies! They are just so good! Soft and chewy cookies sandwiching a minty buttercream frosting. They’re good! They are a great Christmas cookie or they are great year round. My family calls them Chocolate Peppermint Cremes, but you can call them what you want. They’re chocolate mint sandwich cookies and they are good! Trust…

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