Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial

Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial

I started out to make this bag thinking it would be cute but not something I would carry around myself. I was really just doing it as a project option for Week 5 of the Learn to Sew series. But now that it's done I am in love and I think I just might … [Read more...]

Messenger Bag Tutorial and Pattern

Messenger Bag Tutorial and Pattern by

Who loves a good bag? I've got a thing for them. And for hot pink. And for Chevron stripes. Put them all together in this messenger bag and forget about it. That one's my newest version which I LOVE. Here's the original. (Which I also … [Read more...]

Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial

Diapers and Wipes Case

You know when you have a baby you ALWAYS need diapers and wipes on hand. And it can be a pain to lug everything around with you when you need to go change a diaper. That's why I LOVE having these diapers and wipes cases. You can just grab it and do … [Read more...]