Animal Hooded Towels for Kids

Animal hooded towels for toddlers and babies

If you read this blog very often you know that I do a monthly animal hooded towel for kids, toddlers or babies. They're some of my most popular posts and I love making them. And I love the response I get from readers who are making the hooded towels. … [Read more...]

Owl Hooded Towels

Hooded Towel for Baby or Toddler

Whoooo likes hooded towels? I can't believe just how cute these newest hooded towels turned out! (I make one each month-check out the others here.) I have such a thing for owls-who doesn't? They're just SO cute! So when a friend had twins last … [Read more...]

Frog Hooded Towel for Baby and Toddlers

Frog towel pattern

Years ago I used to make a lot of these hooded frog towels for friends as baby gifts, but for some reason I quit making them for a while. I have to say, when I made this I was reminded just how cute they really are. My 7 year old is begging me to … [Read more...]

Baby Girl Peasant Dress Ensemble

Baby girl peasant dress tutorial

I have no girls in my life. At all anywhere. No sisters, no daughters, no nieces. So when I hear of a friend or a relative expecting a baby girl I get pretty excited. And then I start making something. Thank you to those of you out there who have … [Read more...]

Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial

Diapers and Wipes Case

You know when you have a baby you ALWAYS need diapers and wipes on hand. And it can be a pain to lug everything around with you when you need to go change a diaper. That's why I LOVE having these diapers and wipes cases. You can just grab it and do … [Read more...]