Monster Hooded Towel Tutorial

How to Sew a Monster Hooded Towel by #monster #hooded towel

They're heeeere! They're creepy and they're cooky. I don't know if I would call them spooky. But they're pretty cute. It's February's hooded towel. Today I give you...a monster hooded towel tutorial! Not just one monster though. Today we've got … [Read more...]

Animal Hooded Towels for Kids

Animal hooded towels for toddlers and babies

If you read this blog very often you know that I do a monthly animal hooded towel for kids, toddlers or babies. They're some of my most popular posts and I love making them. And I love the response I get from readers who are making the hooded towels. … [Read more...]

Ladybug Hooded Towel Pattern & Tutorial

Ladybug hooded towel tutorial

Hooded towels are one of my favorite things to make (which I guess is why I plan to do a monthly hooded towel on this blog). They are perfect for baby, toddler, or preschooler. These particular towels are easy to make, inexpensive and wonderful to … [Read more...]