Young Women’s Service Journal

Young Women's Journal Idea for 2015 Mutual Theme-Embark in the Service of God

At church I work with the teenage girls (love it!) and this year the theme (churchwide-meaning all over the world) is "Embark in the Service of God." To kick off this theme, a few weeks ago we had a fun little meeting and talked a lot about things we … [Read more...]

Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

Cookie Dough Egg Rolls-Warm, gooey cookie dough wrapped in a crispy shell. Complete perfection.

Cookie dough egg rolls-something you maybe haven't ever heard of or even thought of-have been a vital part of my life for nearly 10 years. Deep fried cookie dough in a warm, crispy shell. Perfection. Back when we lived in Madison, WI we made these … [Read more...]

Alphabet Bingo Game

Free Printable Alphabet Bingo

The bingo games that I have done on my blog for holidays in the past are some of my very favorite projects that I have done. I was thinking about what others I could do since I have so much fun doing them and you all seem to enjoy them and realized … [Read more...]

25 Things to Sew for Kids

25 Things to Sew for Kids

It's way too much fun to sew for little people isn't it? There are so many ideas of fun things to make for them and there are always little people around-whether it's your own kids, grandkids, baby showers or birthdays. I realized that my site has … [Read more...]

Bubble Gum Donuts {for the kids!}

Cute idea-Bubble Gum Donuts

Moms. Grandmas. This post is NOT for you! It's for the kids! I know that when you read that title, Bubble Gum Donuts, you cringed. A bubble gum doughnut recipe? Not the first dessert idea you want to try right? But think of the children! They will … [Read more...]

Heart Attack in a Box-Valentine’s Idea


This is it-the final week before Valentine's Day! Are you ready or do you need an idea for someone you love? Spouse? Boyfriend? Kids? Here is a very quick and easy last minute Valentine's idea that you could put together and customize to whoever you … [Read more...]

3 Valentine’s Ideas for Your Spouse


We have marched right into February (bye bye January!) and it's time to start thinking about all things love! (If you haven't already.) Today I have put together 3 totally silly, cheesy Valentine's gift ideas for your spouse (or boyfriend or fiancé … [Read more...]

Cute Valentine’s Gift Tags & Packaging Ideas

Free Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

There's just something fun about putting together a treat and making it look cute and then taking it to a friend. It's the best right? Or am I alone in this? I thought it would be fun to put together some Valentine's gift tags and cute ways to … [Read more...]