Meet This Mormon


Going to get a little personal here. It's a little bit more scary to tell you personal stuff than it is to show you a cute project I just finished, but this is a part of my life that is near and dear and so I am sharing. Hi, my name is Amber and I … [Read more...]

October Sew Crazy Challenge

October Sew Crazy Challenge

As we are coming to the end of the year we are also coming to the end of the Sew Crazy Challenges! It's been a great year of challenges and a lot of fun sewing up projects each month. We will finish the year out with this month's challenge and then … [Read more...]

Crazy Fun Halloween Giveaway

Halloween Giveaway

I keep seeing the quote from Anne of Green Gables "I am so glad that I live in a world with Octobers" floating around the internet this week and I couldn't agree more. October is my very favorite month. As I sit here writing this it's sunny and in … [Read more...]

Favorites & Fun with Pinterest

10 of the Best Pinners to Follow on Pinterest

Raise your hand if you have been on Pinterest this week! I bet most of you are raising your hand. It's addicting and fun and especially at this time of year with all of the holidays coming up, it's perfect for great ideas! I love pinning things and … [Read more...]

Fall Baking: 25 Pumpkin Recipes

25 Amazing Pumpkin Recipes

It's time for another roundup of Fall Baking ideas! I know how you are-you love anything pumpkin at this time of year don't you? OK, let's do it then! Here's 25 pumpkin recipes for you to make this Fall: 25 Pumpkin Recipes: Pumpkin Doughnut … [Read more...]

Mastering Zipper Techniques Class

Mastering Zipper Techniques Sewing Class

This post is sponsored by Craftsy! A big thanks to Craftsy for working with me. As always, opinions are all my own. We are still in the midst of National Sewing Month! Have you been busily sewing lately? I promised you weekly giveaways this … [Read more...]

Project Teen Book Giveaway & eBook Sale!

Win Me!

Couple of big, fun announcements today my friends! First-I've got a new giveaway going on for National Sewing Month. I promised you a giveaway every Thursday, and you're getting it! Today's giveaway is for a brand new sewing book-hot off the … [Read more...]

Cricut Explore Giveaway


You know what makes me really happy on Fridays? Giving away a Cricut Explore Machine to my reader friends! Because you know what? Cricut Explore Machines are a whole lot of fun! Trust me on that. Or, find out for yourself! So, me and a few … [Read more...]

25 Caramel Desserts

25 Amazing Caramel Desserts

It's that time of the week again! It's Fall Baking day! The past few weeks I have been sharing roundups of great recipes to bake this Fall-the best time of year for baking. I've given you 25 Apple Recipes and 25 Cheesecake Recipes already. Today is … [Read more...]