Tim Tam Slam

How to do a Tim Tam Slam

Happy FUN Day Friday! I decided to keep it sweet and simple today-but still FUN! If you have never tried a Tim Tam Slam you're going to thank me. I'll go ahead and say "you're welcome" right now. What, you ask, is a Tim Tam Slam? Let me teach … [Read more...]

Snowy Snowman Ornament Craft

Snowman Ornament

Happy FUN Day Friday again! Anyone else thrilled to have their kiddos out of school for the holiday break!? Do something fun with them this weekend ok? Here's an idea. (I warn you though. It's gonna make a mess. A cute snowman ornament craft that's … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globes for Kids

Make your own snow globe

Happy FUN Day Friday again! Every Friday I celebrate the weekend with a fun project idea for you to do with your kids this weekend. Your challenge is to actually do something fun with your kids! Today's project was a fun idea a friend of mine gave … [Read more...]

Christmas Reindeer Cookies for Kids

Kids Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Happy FUN Day Friday! Is everyone having fun with all the Christmas and holiday festivities? Need a fun idea of something to do with your kids this weekend? My boys LOVED making these Christmas reindeer cookies for kids with me: These … [Read more...]

10 Family Christmas Tradition Ideas


It's the traditions in life that make it sweet isn't it? I love how excited my kids get for the traditions we've set in our family for Thanksgiving, for Christmas and year round. Christmas traditions with kids are so essential to building a strong … [Read more...]

FUN Day Friday-Thanksgiving Fun

Easy Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

I know that Halloween just passed, but let's plunge ahead with Thanksgiving, ok? Thanksgiving is the kind of holiday that you can't celebrate for too long because it's full of so much good. Gratitude is always good right? Thanksgiving Kids Craft … [Read more...]