Make Your Own Minecraft Shirts

Make Your Own Minecraft Shirt with Your Kids! Great craft that they can do too.

Anyone else have kids absolutely obsessed with Minecraft right now? (Anyone else not understand this game at all?) My boys live and breathe Minecraft. (Or they would if their mom would let them play all day.) So when I told them I wanted to make them … [Read more...]

DIY Gold Polka Dot Journal

DIY Gold Polka Dot Journal

There's something about the beginning of the year that gets me so excited for planning and writing and organizing and all that fun stuff. Well, in truth I am always excited by those things, but this time of year especially. I had fun this year making … [Read more...]

Minion Christmas Ornaments & More

Make Your Own Elmo Ornaments

I told you I had one more Minion post coming and here it is. I promise I will move on and away from Minions now! At least in this post I am including a few other favorite characters as well. I've got a simple tutorial for you to create a Christmas … [Read more...]

DIY Minion Shirt for Kids

Paint Your Own Minion Shirt for Kids (Great holiday gift idea!) it becoming way too obvious that I've got a major thing for those cute little minions? I've done party favors and a towel and now I've got a DIY Minion Shirt. I'd like to tell you that this is the last minion project I'm doing, but … [Read more...]

Spiderweb Halloween Centerpieces

Spiderweb Centerpiece by Crazy Little Projects

Looking around my house recently I realized I am really lacking in Halloween decor. Now typically if I realize something like that this late in the season I just call it a loss and move on thinking it's too late to do anything about it. Not this … [Read more...]

Painted Halloween Signs

Hand Painted Halloween Signs

I dug out my Halloween decorations earlier this week and was sort of sad when I looked at it. I don't have all that much and most of it I don't really like. Time for some new Halloween decorations! So, to get things started I made one of these cute … [Read more...]

Witch’s Brew: Halloween Gift Ideas

Witch's Brew Halloween Gift Idea with Free Printable Gift Tag #Halloween

Yesterday I promised you lots of Halloween posts this month. Today I'm giving you another! And a group of my blogging friends are all showing off some Witch themed posts too! This is gonna be good! And...there's a giveaway of Martha Stewart Halloween … [Read more...]

Halloween Candy Jars

DIY Halloween Candy Jar by Crazy Little Projects #Halloween

Welcome October!! It's my favorite month of the year and I bet I am not alone in that? I've been a Halloween crafting maniac already this year and my theme for October is going to be quick, easy and fun Halloween crafts. Are you ready for that? I've … [Read more...]

Paint Your Own Trick or Treat Bags

Kid's Craft: Painted Trick or Treat Bags by Crazy Little Projects

A few weeks ago I had a day with nothing going on (Hallelujah! How often does that happen?!) so I pulled out a whole bunch of craft supplies and spent the day crafting with my kids. My five year old started out grumpy but was soon singing, a sure … [Read more...]