Make Your Own Minecraft Shirts

Make Your Own Minecraft Shirt with Your Kids! Great craft that they can do too.

Anyone else have kids absolutely obsessed with Minecraft right now? (Anyone else not understand this game at all?) My boys live and breathe Minecraft. (Or they would if their mom would let them play all day.) So when I told them I wanted to make them … [Read more...]

Cute Reindeer Cupcakes

Such a cute Christmas idea-Reindeer cupcakes!

I think I love little googly eye creatures (case in point=my hooded towels) so when I saw these little googly eyes that are edible, I knew I needed to make something with them. The idea is simple and easy to do. It's cute little Reindeer … [Read more...]

Minion Goodie Jars

Minion Party Favors by Crazy Little Projects

Are you like me and you can't get enough of these cute little minions? They're just too adorable. These little goodie jars will make great minion party favors, banks for kids, or little gifts for friends. My boys love them! They could be a … [Read more...]

Beaded Shirt DIY Tutorial by Sew Crafty Kids

DIY Beaded Shirt Tutorial

When I attended a blogging conference back in April I met Angelina from JoJo and Eloise. Do you guys know her? I don't know how I had missed her blog before, but it's AMAZING and everyone I talked to at the blogging conference kept saying "Oh, … [Read more...]

Pool Noodle Ponies from Ginger Snap Crafts

Pool Noodle Ponies: Kids Craft

When I started blogging just over a year ago and starting being more aware of other blogs out there, I found a few that really stood out to me. Ginger Snap Crafts was definitely one of those stand out blogs. Do you already know Ginger Snap Crafts? I … [Read more...]

Fun with Flip Flops: Kids Craft

Fun with Flip Flops: Kids Craft

{This post is sponsored by DecoArt.} I'm calling this post Fun with Flip Flops because I have to say, I had some serious fun making these flip flops. It's quick, it's easy, and if you are lucky like me, you can end up covered in glitter by the … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew Kids: Ruffles

Free online sewing lessons for kids

This is probably my favorite in the Learn to Sew Series tutorials-it's time for ruffles! Seriously-who doesn't like ruffles? OK, maybe the little boys who are doing our series don't like ruffles. Maybe they can take the week off and try a Crazy … [Read more...]

Fun with People Paint

Easy Face Painting with People Paint by DecoArt

This post is sponsored by DecoArt. Do you want to know what makes kids happy? When you say to them "I have face paint. Let's paint your faces." Kids go nuts over this kind of thing and it's not something I say often. So when I did, they were … [Read more...]

Notebook Cover Tutorial

How to Make a Notebook Cover {it's easy!}

I have a major, major thing for notebooks. My husband knows that if he needs a quick and easy gift for me any notebook will do. And I will be thrilled. In fact I would WAY rather get that than jewelry or flowers. Now, throw a little fabric into the … [Read more...]

20 Crafts to do with Kids This Summer

20 Crafts to Do with Kids this Summer

Is school out for the summer where you are? We've been out for a week now and I am living it up! I love summertime. But we all know that every mom (or grandma) needs a few tricks up her sleeve to keep the kids entertained during the summer. So for … [Read more...]