Silver & Gold Gift Packaging

Such a beautiful way to give a gift card-cut out this gift card template from gold glitter cardstock

As I have worked on these projects I have had a song running through my head..."Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold..." I don't know the rest of the words unfortunately so only those ones have been in my mind. It's from that really old kids … [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Stickers

Printable Halloween Stickers

Here we go! It's my first Halloween post of the year with many more to follow. Halloween crafting is my very favorite type of crafting and I just couldn't resist any longer! Today I am giving you free printable Halloween Stickers! (Or Halloween tags … [Read more...]

Cute Notebook Gift & Tag

Quick and easy gift idea-perfect for back to school

The amount of happiness that was flowing through me as I made this project is ridiculous! I LOVE notebooks (like I have at least 20 in my room right now.) I LOVE pens! I love baker's twine and I love putting together cute gifts for people, so this … [Read more...]

Paper Bag Journal Tutorial

Kids Journal Idea-Made from Paper Bags

Happy summer! This project today makes me really happy. It was fun for ME to make and my kids ate it up! My 10 year old boy spent over an hour working on his and was just in absolute heaven doing it. It's a perfect project for summertime because your … [Read more...]

DIY Gold Polka Dot Journal

DIY Gold Polka Dot Journal

There's something about the beginning of the year that gets me so excited for planning and writing and organizing and all that fun stuff. Well, in truth I am always excited by those things, but this time of year especially. I had fun this year making … [Read more...]

Free Printable Christmas Planner

Make a festive holiday clipboard to keep all your lists in one place

**This has been updated for 2014!** It's not Thanksgiving yet, but the Christmas season is short this year so it's certainly not too late to start planning! I'm big on planning and to do list and calendars, so I've had a lot of fun putting together … [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks

Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks for Kids: 4 designs to choose from!

I had so much fun making my owl bookmarks a while back that I thought it would be fun to do some Halloween Bookmarks! These are free to print for your personal use. (No commercial use.) I think they would be great to hand out at a kids' Halloween … [Read more...]

Fabric Covered Clipboard Tutorial

How to cover a clipboard with fabric and decopauge {it's easy!} by Crazy Little Projects

I told you last week that I have a thing for notebooks. Truthfully that goes for all office supplies. And that includes clipboards. Cover that clipboard in fabric (especially if it's hot pink or turquoise) and I'm a goner. Really this is a … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny Favors: Kid’s Craft

Easter Bunny Favors by #easter #bunny

Here's a lightning quick Easter craft that's simple enough that, with a little help, kids could do it. It's simple and maybe a little silly. It's a little Easter bunny favor box that you can fill with candy. Easter Bunny Favors: Supplies … [Read more...]