Thank You Gift Ideas-Bucket of Thanks!

Bucket of Thanks-Cute Way to Say Thank You!

Sometimes you've got someone you need to thank for a job well done or something significant they did for you and you want to do more than just a simple thank you card right? Ever have trouble coming up with thank you gift ideas? Here's a cute and … [Read more...]

Printable Birthday Gift Card Holders

Birthday Gift Card Holders

Birthdays make me very happy, though frankly, in the month of June they make me tired as well! We have 4 birthdays in June just in our immediate family. Three of my kids and my husband all celebrate birthdays in the first three weeks of the month, so … [Read more...]

Money Wreath Gift Idea

Money Wreath Gift Idea! Great for any occasion-graduation, birthday, wedding, etc.

You know how sometimes you want to give someone a gift and you want it to be money but if feel sort of lame to just give them a check? (At least that's how I feel!) Want to spruce it up a little bit? Here's a creative gift idea for you-a fun way to … [Read more...]

25 Graduation Gift Ideas

25 Graduation Gift Ideas

It's that time of year...graduations! Caps and gowns and diplomas and parties. It's an exciting time of life and it's fun to wish the graduates best of luck in their future endeavors. But do you ever struggle to come up with an idea of what to give … [Read more...]

I Love You More Than Chocolate Gift Idea & Tag


{This post is sponsored by American Crafts.}There's nothing I like more in this world than chocolate. I eat chocolate every single day of my life and I hope that never changes. In fact, I start most mornings with hot chocolate because it is a low cal … [Read more...]

*Brighten Your Day* Gift Idea for Friends

Fill a jar fill of fun, bright stuff and give it to a friend

I love doing fun, simple nice things for people. It makes them happy, it makes me happy, it's just a great thing all around. And with today being Do Something Thursday (make sure you do something nice for someone today above and beyond what you would … [Read more...]

Cute Valentine’s Gift Tags & Packaging Ideas

Free Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

There's just something fun about putting together a treat and making it look cute and then taking it to a friend. It's the best right? Or am I alone in this? I thought it would be fun to put together some Valentine's gift tags and cute ways to … [Read more...]

25 Creative Ways to Say Thank You!

25 Creative Ways to Say Thank You!

Ever need a chance to thanks someone for something that feels like it deserves more than just a verbal "thanks?" Like something you just want to have fun with to make it extra special? I think doing small thank you gifts can be a lot of fun and there … [Read more...]

3 Easy Gifts Ideas for Friends

Buckets of Fun Christmas Gift Idea and Printable Tag

Christmas is rapidly approaching and if your stress level is going up because you still need to find gifts for friends, coworkers, neighbors, someone, I want to help you out with a few quick and easy gift ideas today! These are so simple that … [Read more...]