Cute Reindeer Cupcakes

Such a cute Christmas idea-Reindeer cupcakes!

I think I love little googly eye creatures (case in point=my hooded towels) so when I saw these little googly eyes that are edible, I knew I needed to make something with them. The idea is simple and easy to do. It's cute little Reindeer … [Read more...]

Snipe Hunt

Girls Camp Snipe Hunt Ideas

Ever been on a Snipe Hunt? If you don't know what it is I can't tell you. Someone will have to take you on one. :) But this is a snipe hunt of a new kind. My mom's creative genius came up with this and I was so impressed I just had to share. She … [Read more...]

Ninjago Birthday Party Ideas

Ninjago Birthday Party Ideas

My boys are obsessed with Legos. (What little boys aren't really?) But their love of Legos changes (I think that the Lego company plans on that.) For a while it was Lego Atlantis, then Lego Star Wars, now they love Hero Factory. But for a while … [Read more...]

Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

At the start of each summer I usually make a list of fun ideas that me and my boys want to do during the break. That way when we start to feel bored, I have a quick go to list of options that will bust the boredom. This year I am making my list … [Read more...]

Summer Fun Coupon Book

Easy Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

My boys get out of school in 13 days!!! Yay yay yay! I LOVE having my boys home for summertime fun. In honor of that, I am dedicating the next 2 weeks to a Summer Fun Countdown on my blog. I have lots of fun summer time ideas to share with you. Each … [Read more...]