Making Back to School Fun Ideas

Back to school traditions

It's back to school for two of my kiddos today. The third will start preschool next week and the fourth is still home with me. I'm so sad. We've had such a great summer. I love having my kids around. Then again, I feel like I haven't had a spare … [Read more...]

Back to School Blues

Back to school ideas

One week from tonight's a school night for us. Blah! Usually by this point in the summer I can at least wrap my head around back to school. Not so much this year. Maybe because we have been on vacation for the past 12 days. Anyway, in an attempt … [Read more...]

Back to School Cake

Back to school cake idea

As much as I hate back to school (goodbye my dear summer), I like to make it fun for my kids with a fun treat to celebrate their first day. But, it always seems like I am crazy busy that day for some reason, so last year, in a desperate attempt to … [Read more...]