Ginormous Craft Stash Giveaway!

If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a creative blogger, it’s that with that role comes a LOT of craft supplies. I get sent a lot of fun stuff to try out, play with and use in my projects. And I love it. But sometimes I start to not have space for everything. And guess what? A bunch of my blogging friends have the same problem. So…this summer we are sharing the love with you! It’s a BIG, fat, craft stash giveaway from 18 bloggers!


25 bloggers have each raided their supplies and gathered up a bundle for each of you to enter to win. That’s 25 gift baskets full of craft supplies for 25 winners! Sound like fun?!

Here is my craft stash that I am giving away to one of you:

Summer Stash Giveaway! 25 bloggers giving aways craft stash gift baskets to 25 winners

That’s a lot of stuff! Let me tell you what’s in there:

  • Fabric
  • Glamour Dust Paint (sparkly!)
  • Glitter
  • RIT dye
  • Decopauge
  • Paint brushes
  • Craftable notebook
  • Paint pens
  • Stencils
  • Adhesive clear sticker paper
  • Gold sticker paper
  • Adhesive chalkboard sticker paper
  • Composition notebook
  • Water color wonder crayons
  • Scrapbook supplies
  • And I probably forget a few things

And it’s all coming packed in a cute canvas tote that you can craft. Paint it, do whatever you want with it:


Here’s what the other bloggers are offering:


Polkadot Chair | Delicate Construction | Infarrantly Creative | Rae Gun Ramblings |
A Glimpse Inside | Snap! Creativity | Bombshell Bling | Sugar Bee Crafts | A Girl and A Glue Gun
Gallamore West | The Scrap Shoppe | Mine for the Making | The Country Chic Cottage
Crazy Little Projects | Flamingo Toes |Yesterday On Tuesday | Design, Dining & Diapers | Andrea’s Notebook

Enter to Win (18 chances!) here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hey there! I'm Amber, mom of 4 crazy boys, wife of 1 and non-stop, always busy, crazy project doer. (There's a reason why we call it *Crazy* Little Projects.) I love chocolate, reading, sewing and being with people!

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  1. Diane says

    Do you post who wins? Looks like a superb package of fun. Not everyone has everything like Instagram do you make that mandatory to win?

    • Donna Ewing Chatfield says

      I’m just getting into quilling, scrapbooking and tear bears so could use any and all of what anyone has have never won anything but we’ll see.
      Good luck to everyone and may God bless u all!!!!

    • Abi says

      Yes! Rag quilts are my favorite. I’ve made many for gifts and the responses are amazing! If you need any help i’m here!!

  2. Kelly O. says

    All summer long we have craft Thursdays– I have 4 kids– 9,6,3 and 1, and they love to get crafty.. On Thursdays I plan one craft that we can all do together– it’s so fun!
    We use all mediums of crafty goodness and to win a little treasure trove for our crafting goodness would be a blessing!

  3. Carole M says

    I love a lot of kid friendly crafts. We use the summer to try a lot of the things we find online all year. Some work, some don’t, but we have fun trying! I think we might do some more paper machiere this year.

  4. Crystal S says

    this is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for putting it on. I find with college being done, I have so much time for crafting and up cycle projects!

  5. Katherine says

    I want to have a go at a couple of thin patchwork blankets this summer! That and some outdoor fun! Would this offer of a giveaway be open to your international followers?

  6. Megan says

    Whoops didn’t see the question, I like to make wreaths and trying to sew when I’m not working on my masters thesis

  7. says

    I like getting to craft with my daughter during the summer. During the school year, we don’t get many opportunities to craft together.

  8. shannon says

    I love all things crafts. My girlfriends and I get together every week and make something fun. This would help a lot with that!

  9. Heather F says

    I have 2 young kiddos that I stay home with during the day so we do lots of crafts outside! We loving painting and getting messy and enjoying the sunshine!

  10. Maria says

    I don’t think summer really changes my crafting habits all that much. I still knit, crochet, and sew. But I guess I knit/crochet/sew small things. No blankets or sweaters in the summer, it’s too hot to have it in your lap!!!

  11. Colleen Garner says

    I love making outdoor decorations, painting clay pots and planting flowers, making wind chimes, just about any to add spring color, and then bring some of it in with the flowers that I can grow to put in vases that I have decorated for spring

  12. Jowyn Jenson says

    WOW! I do hope this is international??? Entering anyways… My favourite summertime craft is patchwork and quilting, which is pretty much a year round fave.

  13. Karen says

    I’m a beginning sewer/crafter and would love to win the giveaway! Looks like some great stuff in there!

  14. says

    Summer is when I have more guests so I love to make things for them either to eat (love baking) or to wear (love to sew). I just made some slippers for one of my friends who was here last week and I am making a clutch for my mother in law who´s birthday is coming soon.

    Love the crafts you are offering! God bless you with more, it is a kind gesture of all of you to share these things with your followers :)

  15. Barbara Moore says

    I love to do any type of painting during the Summer, on different types of surfaces so this would be an awesome giveaway to win!.

  16. April N. says

    I’m learning to sew- and obsessed with it! I want to try it all. I also love to craft what I can for the house. Would love to win some new supplies!

  17. Jacquie Baroni says

    I love making different kinds of crafts for 4th of July with my daughter. She has definitely caught the crafting bug from her momma :)

  18. Missy says

    My favorite summer craft this year is sewing. After years of scrapbooking and card making…I became bored. So I moved to crocheting (which I learned how to do as a young girl but stopped after I hit the teenage years). I taught myself to knit last summer, but due to carpal tunnel I’ve had to cut back. So this spring I began teaching myself to sew, bought a sewing machine and haven’t looked back.

  19. Alisha Roberts says

    Wow!! So excited for this! Thank you for being so generous!!! Looks like I will be on my computer for the next 2 hours submitting entries for all of these! :P

  20. lia says

    Wow! What a great package! I like that you gave so many different ways to enter. I try to keep my insta account to just friends and family, but having the pinterest option is awesome! I always want more inspiration from awesome women there!

  21. Melissa Yeaton says

    I LOVE do all sorts of crafts but my fave summer crafts are sewing & making Bows for my Little Loves!

  22. Leslie S. says

    This summer I plan on trying to sew matching sundress for my one year old daughter and I. I also would like to try to finish some keepsakes for supportive family members using my daughters old baby clothes. I’m super excited for all my projects. I’m still a beginner at sewing and quilting but I love it!!!

  23. Pamela Goldych says

    My favorite summer crafting all revolves around my grandson’s birthday bash!! It can be anything from making a special t-shirt to home made decorations to creating Cake Pops!! I tend to go a little overboard with the party details but I absolutely love doing it!! This years theme is Rocket Ships. My Daughter and family can come home from NYC to the country and the party is pretty much taken care of….so they get to come home and relax and have fun rather than worry about all the details. Although there is usually one late night baking session with my daughter that I just adore because we get quiet time together and end up laughing so hard it hurts….just love my family!! And love crafting for them!! This is an awesome give away!!

  24. Ally Welch says

    with it being wedding season I usually make personalized wedding gifts! I also love to do crafts with my kids!

  25. Debbie says

    My favorite type of crafting is making something useful. I love to reuse or repurpose items. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  26. Allison says

    Sewing for sure this summer! We are starting a sewing club with other girls in our homeschool group! We can’t wait! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Arika says

    Tie dye! But that’s the former camp counselor in me :-) I like whatever crafts I have time for nowadays….I do a lot of coloring and painting of hands and feet as I run a hone day care lol

  28. Myra says

    I am a craftaholic! I love to paint, scrapbook, crochet, make jewelry, cards, home decor, anything & everything! Maybe I will win some supplies to add to my stash!

  29. Pat says

    I love, love stamping and coloring . I make greeting cards for family and friends, make pillowcases for grandchildren, help grandchildren with new craft projects……what amazing projects can be created with these marvelous supplies.

  30. Lori Morton says

    Thanks for the other options to Enter this Awesome Give-a-Way!! I don’t do the FB, Twitter, etc etc stuff…looove Pinterest tho!! :) Appreciate getting to participate!

    Love Summer!!!!…have our lil’ Grangirlie alot…and she is wanting to learn to sew with me!! Wooohoooo!!! So will be alot of fun stuff goin on in Sewin’ Spot here!! lol She & I already do homemade cards, & perler bead things, read stories, blow bubbles, loooooove Summer & goin’ to Drive-In with Papa!

  31. Nannette Nielsen says

    I love to sew and make cards year around but Summer time is the best when my teenage girls are home to help watch their very young little brother so I can.

  32. Cindy says

    I just bought a sewing machine and am exited to start sewing some tote bags and things for mt little ones!

  33. Sophie in WY says

    summertime crafting . . . lots of options but my favorite is outside stuff, painting rocks, sidewalk drawings, patriotic t-shirts, the list goes on!

  34. Hali says

    I want to sew more hooded towels to stash as gifts, make some cards to beef up my supply, and maybe make me and the girls some fun dresses or skirts.

  35. Hali says

    I want to sew more hooded towels to stash as gifts, make some cards to beef up my supply, and maybe make me and the girls some fun dresses or skirts.

  36. Emily says

    My summer crafting usually involves my garden, canning, dehydrating, & grilling – those are crafts, right? Now that my baby girl is growing up (she’s 1.5 years now!) – I’m sure my summers will be much different in the future. I’m always looking for ways to stock up supplies for when she does finally get to a crafting age :)

  37. toni says

    How am I supposed to choose…….my all time fav is crocheting…so cotton crochet in the summer is prob my fav!♡♡♡♡♡
    What a fabbyawesome giveaway x

  38. kathleen ward says

    my favorite summer craft is letting my daughter paint flower pots! then planting flowers in them together.

  39. kathleen ward says

    my favorite summer craft is letting my daughter paint flower pots! then planting flowers in them together.

  40. Barbara Bradford says

    I try and get all my painting projects done in the summer. Oklahoma gets so hot in July & August, it’s stay indoors crafts.

  41. Katy Roberson says

    Refinishing/painting furniture! I love to be outside working on a great painting project and since we have horrific winters I miss that a lot!

  42. Torrie says

    My summer time crafting is anything that the kids can help with. They love to craft along with me.

  43. Carrie says

    I like to scrapbook, craft gifts, and make and decorate outdoor projects – like the mason jar lanterns I just did.

  44. says

    I would love any of these supply packages but yours looks bomb. I love to do and try different craft projects and sewing projects as well. The biggest problem is not enough time in a day. :)

  45. Carol Jackson says

    I do not Tweetcor do Instant Gram. ….. Guess my entries are limited. Do enjoy some/many of your craft sewing ideas.

  46. Margaret Harms says

    Not so much crafting, well it is for me, but in between sewing projects at the moment, I am having great fun baking new traybakes and cookies. I don’t eat them but the young lad from next door wants to move in now.

  47. Amy Bell says

    I am just now starting to sew, I normally work with polymer clay and crocheting, a little woodworking but am hoping to learn tatting this summer as well as improving and learning all the sewing ins and outs!

  48. Kathy E. says

    My favorite summer craft is the same as my other 3-seasons craft—-sewing! It relaxes me and puts me into another mental state when I am busy in my projects.

  49. aimee says

    I love to quilt and sew! Thanks for your sewing series :). Now I’m knitting shawls, sweaters, socks, etc…much easier to tote around. Happy summer!

  50. Nanci says

    Staying cool inside and working with my silhouette or project life. Relaxing, calming and enjoyable.

  51. Kathryn L says

    Summer crafting is all about kids crafts and using nature’s bounty – pressed flowers, twigs, seashells, rocks and more

  52. Anne S. says

    My favorite type of crafting in the summer is anything for the garden on outdoors. Whether it’s painting or building new planters, or plant signs, or new lighting for the porch. I love everything about being outside in the summer and taking my crafting with me.

  53. Jentrie says

    I just got my first sewing machine for christmas, and i’m super excited to use this extra time this summer to make all sorts of fun and exciting this. I also really love scrapbooking and photography.

  54. Jacqueline says

    During the summer I love to finish my winter quilts by hand sewing the binding. I also like to sew summer blouses and whip up small projects such as table runners and place mats,

  55. Candias Chalker says

    something which can be done downstairs cuz my sewing room is all set up upstairs and it is soooooo hot…for some reason I like wood projects, knitting projects….something which is quick and easy

  56. Candias Chalker says

    something which can be done downstairs cuz my sewing room is all set up upstairs and it is soooooo hot…for some reason I like wood projects, knitting projects….something which is quick and easy

  57. Candias Chalker says

    something which can be done downstairs cuz my sewing room is all set up upstairs and it is soooooo hot…for some reason I like wood projects, knitting projects….something which is quick and easy

  58. Candias Chalker says

    something which can be done downstairs cuz my sewing room is all set up upstairs and it is soooooo hot…for some reason I like wood projects, knitting projects….something which is quick and easy

  59. Candias Chalker says

    something which can be done downstairs cuz my sewing room is all set up upstairs and it is soooooo hot…for some reason I like wood projects, knitting projects….something which is quick and easy

  60. Patti says

    Wow what a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance. I love all kinds of crafts. Anything I can put together outside is great in the summer time.

  61. Paige S. says

    I love doing outdoor crafts in summer- t shirt painting, flip flop refashions, fairy houses, etc. I even like hauling my sewing machine upstairs to the deck to sew and quilt while the kids swim!

  62. Hillary says

    I love spending summer afternoons in my sewing room with the sun streaming in the windows! Thanks for putting this giveaway together.

  63. Cathy Lombard says

    This is a great give away. I like to scrapbook in the summer or make jewelry or quilt or… I think I like all kinds of crafts in the summer.

  64. Crystal Babcock says

    My favorite summer crafting is sewing, although it always seems to end up that I start working on an afghan. Really? In the summer? You’d think I would learn… eventually. Thanks for participating in this type of giveaway – I love when bloggers get together to do this type of thing because I always end up finding a bunch more wonderful blogs to follow!

  65. Cathy says

    I enjoy sewing and lap quilting. I’m making some diaper covers for my little one and a quilt for my nephew coming in September. I also crochet baby blankets which I sell. I love seeing the fruits of my labor and the joy it brings those who receive them.

  66. says

    I like to do a lot of kids crafts with my Granddaughters during the summer, since I babysit them several days during the week.
    This is an awesome giveaway, thanks for a chance to win!

  67. Reece says

    I love to sew, all year round. In the summer I tend to get much more creative in the kitchen, making edible works of art.

  68. Donna Payne says

    I love all crafts especially Quilting! I would love to win one of these awesome gifts so that I can try my hand at some other crafting. I craft with my grandchildren also.

    Thanks again for such an awesome giveaway!

  69. Valeria says

    Hi! I’m really excited about the giveaway!
    I’ve always been a craft lover, and recently I started like a project called “Money4College” and I’ve been selling some of my crafts!
    I’m doing okay but I’m not giving up!
    You have no idea how much this giveaway would help me:)
    Thank you for doing this kind of stuff♥

  70. Shirley S says

    As a grandmother of 2 young children (an infant and a toddler), I love finding new ideas on your blog. I’m going to start working on a few projects this weekend. Thank you!

  71. says

    I just love your blog! I have been sewing and crafting for over 40 years. I worked as an RN for over 20 years and now that I am disabled, I am sewing and crafting to make items to sell in order to supplement my meager income as well as donate a portion of the proceeds of what I sell to animal rescues. Please feel free to take a peek at my facebook page and see what I’m up to now!

  72. Anne says

    My favorite summer crafting is to do Christmas in July. Getting a start on the holidays is always a must for me. Plus it gives me time to organize my Christmas stash without feeling rushed. :)

  73. Tammy says

    What a wonderful way to try out craft supplies I wouldn’t normally buy!! Thanks for thinking of the little people that don’t blog for a living.

  74. Marie says

    You can never have too many crafts or ideas or fun with crafty friends who have ideas. I’d love to win.

  75. Sarah C says

    I work full time, but craft when I can! Sewing is my favorite, any time of year – especially in the summer when I can take advantage of the natural sunlight shining in!

  76. says

    This. Is. The. Greatest. Thing. Ever. First, I love your site. I recently started sewing and have learned so much from you. You’re the best teacher! My favorite summer craft is sewing. I love making bags of all kinds but I also love card making, it was what started my love for crafting.

  77. Stacey Kleinow says

    We love doing anything outside!! My kids love water so we do more things that can create a mess. Its usually the messy crafts that are the funniest!

  78. Michelle says

    I love to craft with fabric in the summer. Warm weather means it’s time to put down the yarn for more lightweight projects. We also enjoy doing few sidewalk chalk and messy craft days outside :) I love summer!!

  79. Janet says

    I love all kinds of crafts but my favorites are quilting and crochet. I love getting craft supplies sure hope I win, a crafter never has too many supplies.

  80. Diane N says

    I don’t have a particular summer favorite…I tend to do all kinds of crafts all year long! It all depends on my mood!

  81. Jennifer says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been out of the crafting/sewing thing for a while now but I made a new goal for myself to do one new project a week. Last week was an octopus plush (go me!) and this week is personal progress folders. My daughter and I just put the messenger bag on our list for this summer! Really excited! Thanks for the great patterns and ideas!

  82. Jennifer Botsford says

    One thing I love to do in the summer is getting together with friends to do paper craft projects. Some make cards, some wok on scrapbooks. We have a trip to WVA planned next month. Can’t wait!

  83. Elizabeth says

    My favorite summer activities are anything that I can do with my daughter! I find that just coming up with ideas for the both of us to enjoy gives me more inspiration than anything! Even when we are finished I always feel like making something else afterwards! We do everything from upcycling crafts, to painting, and making art for our garden! We recently painted a bunch of rocks to go in our veggie garden!

  84. Dianne Mann Lewis says

    I love this package of goodies !! Would be nice to win and share with my daughter.She is now getting into crafting and I am glad. Good luck everyone!!

  85. Stephanie says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous gift package…Hope this is my lucky day!!!

  86. Carla says

    Hello, I am extremely new at all this stuff so if someone could kinda give me an idea of what to do on all the entries for the giveaway that would be awesome. I love to sew mostly bags of all kinds and kinda new at that as well. Any help would be awesome. thanks so much.

  87. Paige says

    I just got a silhouette cameo, I am so excited about it! We have “Pinterest parties” once a month so this would be amazing!!!

  88. Melissa Delaunay says

    My 2 girls love sewing with me, and create thing with paper and paint and….too much ideas and not enough time !!!

  89. Jennifer says

    What a great giveaway! I’m trying to get my craft room set up this summer, new supplies would be super fun!

  90. Rita says

    Love the look of this! My favourite summer crafting is making paper flowers and cards on a lazy afternoon. When I lived in Australia, it was Christmas craft! I loved Summer Christmas…..

  91. barbara macaskill says

    When I saw this awesome collection of goodies I had a moment similar to Meg Ryan in “When harry Met Sally” in the diner! Hubby thought I had finally lost it! LOL Thank you for your generosity! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that if I win that it will be this one!

  92. Marcia Priebe says

    As a grandma of 31 grand kids I love to create with them and for them. We always do crafts at our annual camping trip each summer. We could have some serious fun if we won one of those awesome prize packages!

  93. Christine says

    My favorite thing to craft is anything that makes someone else or myself smile and find joy in life. This summer I am particularly loving anything decorative & functional to keep life simple & pretty.

  94. Gina says

    This is a great give away! My favorite summer crafting is anything that makes me feel productive, relaxed, and happy. I just love creating!

  95. barbara n says

    I like to make hexi’s during the summer months because they are portable and easy to make and don’t overheat my lap like crocheting or knitting

  96. Holly says

    I’m a single mom of 3 kids ages 12,9,7. I am always trying to find things we can do at home as a family and crafts is one thing they all love to do.

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