How to Make a Cushion for a Bench (& and update on my room!)

You probably don’t know it because I never post about it (because I never do anything to work on it), but my bedroom is a work in progress right now. You can see the before pictures here. It was bad. I have FINALLY started doing some projects for it. I got new bedding, made new pillows, got a chair for the corner, hung up some pictures. And now, I made a bench and cushion for the end of the bed!

Cushion Pattern

The thing is-not that long ago my master bedroom was a big gaping hole of undecorated nothingness. And now finally, FINALLY I am getting some projects done in there.

I also added pillows to my bed not that long ago and I love them!  I think the bench at the foot of the bed adds a nice touch:

Bench with Cushion

How to Sew a Cushion for a Bench

Looking better right?!

I can teach you how to make a cushion for a bench too.

Got something to make a cushion for? Let’s talk about how to do it!

Bench Cushion Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Bench (or chair or whatever you need to put a cushion on) Mine came from IKEA. (It’s actually a TV stand.)
  • Piece of foam padding. Measure your bench first to be sure that you get the right size. The foam I got is 2 inches thick and the measurements for the width and the length are almost exactly the right size to fit on the bench so I didn’t have to do any cutting.
  • 2 yards of fabric. This of course will vary by the size of your item. My bench is about 54 inches long by 18 inches wide and 2 yards of fabric was just about right for that size. (Keep in mind that the fabric I got was 60 inches wide.)
  • 2 or 3 yards of Hook and Loop-I got both the sew in kind and I got loop in the adhesive kind so that I could attach the cushion to the bench with it to prevent it from sliding around.
  • Piping on this project is optional-but if you want to do it you will need cording to create your piping (or buy premade piping)



The first and most important part of this is going to be taking careful measurements to be sure that you cut your fabric to JUST the right size.

My cushion is 54 inches long, 18 inches wide and 2 inches deep. I will use those measurements throughout this tutorial, but please adjust your own measurements to fit whatever size piece YOU are working with.

You will need to cut 1 piece for the top of the cushion, 2 pieces for the bottom, and 4 for the sides. Here is how to know what to cut:

Cutting the Fabric:

Figure out what seam allowance you want to sew with. This is very important for this project. Pick a seam allowance and stick with it. I used a 1/4″ seam allowance.

So for my top piece I needed it to fit a 54×18 inch piece of foam. So I needed to cut it 54 and 1/2″ long and 18 and 1/2″ wide. This gives me the 1/4 inch extra on each edge to allow for my seam allowance but no extra because I don’t want it to be bunchy at all.


For the bottom you need to cut just a little extra to allow for an opening that you will Velcro shut. So add 4 inches to your length (so for me it would be 58 inches). Cut it the same width as the top. Then, cut your bottom piece in half. So now I would have 2 pieces that are 18 by 29 inches.


For the sides you will need to do the same thing. Cut them whatever the depth of your foam is plus the seam allowance. And whatever length that side of your foam is, plus the seam allowance. (You can add a little extra length and cut it off later if you prefer. This can add ease to the sewing part.) So for my 2 inch thick foam and my 1/4″ seam allowance I needed to cut mine 2 and 1/2 inches.

If you want to add piping to your bench cushion, create your piping now. If you need help doing that, here is a tutorial on how to sew piping. Make piping that will reach all the way around the perimeter of your cushion. Add a little extra to the length just to me on the safe side-you can always cut it off later.

Sewing:Now you should have all of your pieces ready to start sewing. I am going to assume you are adding piping and begin from there. If you are not, skip these steps.

Take your piping and lay it along the outer edge of your top fabric piece. Right side of the fabric should be up. Pin the piping in place like this:


At the corners, carefully turn the piping and let it form a right angle like this:


Stitch that in place. I used my zipper foot to do this to ensure that I could get right up close to the piping to do this.

Now, place your side strip fabric along your top edges with right sides together:



Sew around all 4 edges in 4 long strips. The corners will not be sewn at this point.

To do the corners turn your fabric so that the right side is up. Fold the corner together to form a triangle point like this:


Then sew your seam right at that corner where I marked it. Be careful NOT to get your piping into the seam when you sew this. EXCEPT at the corner you began and ended the piping at. This will be your opportunity to hide those ends but sewing it into this seam.

Do this on all 4 corners.

With your bottom pieces-we need to hem them and add hook and loop where they will meet up. In the spot that you cut this piece in half originally, hem them under with a 1 inch thick hem. Fold it once, fold it again and pin it (press as well if you would like):

HemAnd stitch.

Add a strip of hook and loop to this hemmed end. One will need to go on the top of the fabric and one on the bottom so that they meet up:


Next, I sewed a few strips of hook and loop (just the hook part though) onto each piece of the bottom so that I could attach the cushion to the bench:


Now, with your sides sewn to your top and your corners done, pin the bottom all the way around the edges with wrong sides together and sew it in place. Turn it all right side out.

Slide your foam inside. This will take some serious wrestling to get it all in place nicely. Be careful not to rip anything.

Then, add some adhesive hook and loop to your bench and attach the cushion and you’re done!     Bench Cushion Tutorial

Now, come over and join me for the Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I have a window seat in my home’s living room that could badly use a real cushion. (Right now it just has a pillow with a custom pillow case that I made.) It looks like this might be one of my next projects!

  2. Robyn says

    This is a great tutorial! I love all of the pictures. As a beginning sewer it is very easy to follow. Before I get started, I had a quick question. When measuring the fabric for the bottom piece, you say to add 4 inches to the length. Should I still add my seam allowance to the width? Thanks!

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