Easy Bag Accessories: 5 Minute Key Fob and Simple Zipper Pouch

{This post is sponsored by Kleenex.}

It’s bag month here at Crazy Little Projects and lots of my readers are sewing up bags for the Sew Crazy Challenge this month! Bags are probably the thing I sew more than anything else. There’s just something very satisfying about sewing a bag. Plus, they are easy. To go along with our bag theme this month, I created 2 bag accessories that you can sew to go along with your bags! Today I’ve got tutorials for Key Fobs and for a little mini Ruffle Zipper Pouch:

Two easy bag accessories to make: Key Fob and Ruffle Zipper Pouch

They are both pretty quick and easy to make and you can make them to match your bag! Or make them as a gift to give to a friend.

Let’s start with the zipper pouch and then they key fobs will be below that.


Mini Ruffle Zipper Pouch Tutorial:


Supplies Needed:

  • Small amounts of 2 fabrics (great way to use scraps)
  • 7 inch zipper

Cut out your fabric. You will need 2 pieces each of 2 different fabrics for a total of 4 pieces. Each piece should be 7 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall.


Now, if you want to add a ruffle to it, there’s a tutorial for that here. Make it so that both ends can hang off this ends of the fabric. Sew it in place where you want it on one of your outer pieces:


Now we will begin to put the bag together. Grab one of your outer pieces and one of our inner. Place the fabrics together with right sides together and the zipper sandwiched between them along the top edge with the right side of the zipper touching the right side of your outer fabric.

Sew along the top-through both layers of fabric with the zipper in between. Move the zipper pull out of your way while sewing. Halfway through you will need to stop and move it again so that it is out of your way the whole time:


Here’s what it should look like when you are done:


Now do that with your other two fabrics and the other side of the zipper. You will sew right through the ruffle and there will be excess hanging off. Just cut that end off AFTER you sew this step.

Now it should look like this:


Press everything nice and flat:


Top stitch along the zipper on both sides of the zipper.

Open your zipper most of the way. Fold the bag so that your fabrics are touching with right sides together. The outer pieces will be touching each other and the inner will be touching each other. Sew all the way around each of those. Leave a small opening to turn it when you are sewing the inner part:


Trim off any excess zipper or ruffle and turn it all right side out. Poke out the corners to get them nice and crisp and stitch your opening shut. Press is all nicely again and you’re done! Easy and Cute Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This is perfect for carrying things like keys, credit cards, pens, even your phone.

It’s also perfect for carrying a small package of Kleenex! These new Kleenex designs are really nice aren’t they?


I love the bright, bold designs! Guess what?! Kleenex has a whole new line of beautiful designs for all of their packaging.

Try this:

  • Go to Kleenex’s website and take the Style Quiz! It’s not only fun, you get a coupon when you are done!
  • Tell me which of the new packaging options is your favorite! Comment below. I loved the Green and Blue geometric designs in the image above. Which is your favorite?

Another fun new addition to Kleenex are these pocket size packs:


Just grab it and tuck it in your back pocket, shirt pocket or wherever is handy. They open easily and fold back up for easy carrying:


OK, now after you visit Kleenex, let’s try the key fobs.

Key Fob Tutorial:


Supplies Needed:

  • Key Fob Hardware (I got mine online but I believe craft stores should have them too?)
  • Small amount of fabric (great way to use scraps)
  • Small amount of fusible fleece

These really are so easy to make! First, cut your fabric out. I can’t tell you exactly what size to cut it, because it will depend on the size of hardware that you got. Mine is 1 inch wide. So I cut my fabric strip 2 3/4″ wide by 12″ long. This gives me enough fabric to fold it in half and it together. With the seam allowance (3/8″) that should make it end up 1 inch wide after it is sewn. Calculate this for the width of your key fob and then cut out your fabric.

Cut a piece of fusible fleece exactly the same size and fuse it onto the back of your fabric:


Then fold it in half with right sides together and sew the length of it. Turn it right side out:


Then press it flat. Fold it so that the ends are together:


And place your hardware over the ends. Squeeze it shut with pliers on either side:


And you’re done. Told you that was easy right? Now make a million! (I am! I’ve got plans to make at least 200 in the next month or so for a big conference I am attending soon. They’re that easy and that fun!)

Make a quick and easy key fog (great way to use fabric scraps!)


 Have fun! And don’t forget to tell me which design you like best at Kleenex!

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  1. Diane says

    I might have to try that one day. Who doesn’t need a bag for makeup? Looks so simple. I am a simple sewer.

  2. Kristy Williams says

    I am so going to make these to go with my new purse.
    For the Kleenex I liked several, but my favorite has to be Stop and Smell the Roses.

  3. Jansie Martin says

    I love the flower motifs. I am never without those mini Kleenex. Never!! Love your tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda bailey says

    I love these little projects. I am going to start making some little gifts for Christmas . Thank you !

  5. kathleen babbitt says

    loved your new project you have shared with us. I tried to go to the kleenex site and take the quiz but I wasn’t able to find the quiz?

  6. Jean says

    Believe it or not…I have been unable to find the clasp/fob for the keyring. I looked at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and two Wal-Marts. The folks working (at all of these places) just looked at me oddly when I said I wanted a keychain fob. When I described it…no one had a clue if they had one or not. Now I can understand that at WM but the other two should at least know what it is…Anyone have an online shop that doesn’t charge as much s/h as the items cost? (I would like to try a couple before buying a bunch.)
    Y’all have a good day..jean

    • JoAnne says

      I just ordered some of the hardware thru a shop on Etsy.com . Can’t remember the shop name right now but if you go to Etsy and Google key chains or key chain hardware it should come right up. Fast shipping and different sizes offered too.

      • Jean says

        Wow..you are right. There are lots on etsy. I was going to make teacher gifts for end of year. Now I’ll shoot for Christmas. Thanks..

  7. Alli J says

    Thank you for the pouch tutorial! I was excited to make a Star Wars pouch for my little boy. I am a beginner sewer however, and the pouch tutorial was not very clear and detailed enough for me. Had to rip out seams twice and got quite frustrated. I eventually figured it out though. Just a forewarning to any true beginners looking to make it ;)

  8. Dorothy says

    Thank You for sharing the directions for the key fob & zippered pouch. These will make great little inexpensive, yet useful gifts, for almost any occasion.

  9. Sherry says

    What type of fabric do you recommend for a semi-stout key fob? I know you can use really any fabric but am curious if you need a stout fabric or if the fuseable fleece takes care of that.


  10. Taylor says

    I’m so frustrated! I’ve been trying for a solid 2 hours now to pull my key fob fabric right side out and I’ve had no success (I have destroyed the fabric though). Any other tips? Maybe a tutorial?

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