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I’m taking it easy and hanging out with my family this week, so rather than do a bunch of tutorials and projects, I’m showing you the favorites from the year 2013. A couple days ago I showed you the hooded towels of 2013, later this week you will see the top sewing projects of 2013, today I’m just showing you the overall top 10 posts of the year. Here you go! (Also, at the bottom see some of my blogging friends Top Posts and share some of your own projects or top posts if you have them.)

10 Favorite Posts of 2013 from Crazy Little Projects

Top 10 Posts of 2013:

10: This is one of my very, very favorite projects ever because I love to read and I always need a bookmark handy. It’s the Owl Bookmark:

Owl Bookmark Printable


9: Another of my own personal favorites…in fact, probably my very favorite sewing tutorial ever is the Kids Sleeping Bag:

Kid's Sleeping Bag Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects


8: A more complicated project, but one that turns out cute-the Toddler Backpack:

Preschool Backpack Pattern and Tutorial


7: I love this little bag too (I guess a lot of the sewing tutorials are the most popular and the Top Sewing posts may be a little redundant). Here’s the ruffle tote bag:

Ruffle Tote Bag


6: The most popular hooded towel of all time is the Monster Hooded Towel:

How to Sew a Monster Hooded Towel by #monster #hooded towel


5: I think this one’s been a hit because it’s easy! It’s my Easy Baby Blanket tutorial:

How to make an easy baby quilt


4: The Bingo Games were a very big hit this year. I did Halloween and Thanksgiving, but Christmas was the favorite:

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Games


3: Another Christmas one that was crazy popular was the Make Your Own Character Ornaments:


2: The single most popular post this year is one that I bet a lot of my readers haven’t even seen. It’s the Owl Baby Shower Invitations (I plan to invites of other themes this year.)

Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations (Sample)


1: And of course, the most popular project on Crazy Little Projects this year was not just a single tutorial, but the Learn to Sew Series! (If you loved that, stay tuned, I’ll be announcing a new sewing series for 2014 this week):

Learn to Sew

That’s it! Thanks great readers for making this year so amazing for me!

Watch for the Top 10 Sewing Tutorials of 2013 coming Tuesday as well as the big announcement about next year’s sewing series coming tomorrow!

Now, see some of my blogging friends’ Top Posts as well:


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And….share your own if you’ve got one. Favorite posts or a Top 10 post too:

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  1. Stacey says

    A friend just found out she is having a boy and I’ve been thinking about the theme for the shower I’m throwing for her. You just sorted it all out for me with that adorable owl invitation! Using the invitation and the owl theme! Too cute! Thanks much.

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