Etched Glass Christmas Cookie Jars

This is actually a present that I made for someone LAST Christmas! I had every intention of showing it to you then but I was disappointed with how it turned out. Then, this year as I was going through some old photos I came across this and fell in love! Not sure why I was disappointed because this is so pretty to me now. Want to make one? They are etched glass Christmas Cookie Jars stenciled with pretty snowflakes:

Etched Glass Snowflake Cookie Jar

Simple and pretty! And really, do it in blue and silver and you could use it in dreary January to brighten things up! Or, it make a perfect jar for Christmas-fill it with cookies or treats and your friends will love it!


Christmas Cookie Jars Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Jar-Mine is an actual cookie jar that I got at Target or a craft store. You can do this with any jar though. A large Mason jar would work nicely as well and be smaller if you are looking to make several and take them to neighbors or something.
  • Glass etching cream (get it at the craft store)
  • Snowflake stencils of some sort (it will help if they are self adhesive and bend easily since the jar will have curves). You can make your own if you have a cutting machine or get them at the craft store.
  • Paint-I recommend using either Americana Multi Surface in red or try the DecoArt metallic silver, or both. Also, you can use a metallic writer to add little dots to the centers of the snowflakes.



Start by etching your jar. To do this, I recommend wearing protective gloves. Then coat your jar in a thick coating of the etching cream and wait for several minutes for it to work its magic:



Rinse it thoroughly (still wearing those gloves-this stuff can burn you). Then let it dry completely.


Now, place your stencils were you want them. I found that it was easiest not to put them on the curves of my jar because it had sort of a squarish shape. Get them on so they are nice and flat with no bubbles:Stenciloncookiejar


And then brush on the paint. I recommend using a cosmetic sponge if you have one for a nice, even coat. Stenciling

Get it all smooth and then peel it off. Then continue stenciling more until you have enough snowflakes.

Then, like I said earlier, if you want to add little dots to the centers or as decoration, use the metallic writes and go crazy!

Perfect gift idea!

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    Definitely doing this next year for gifts. Too far behind right now for this year ;). But I’ll get it all done. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

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