Kids Ninja Costume Pattern

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Let me tell you a funny story. Once upon a time there was a Halloween party for a bunch of friends and neighbors. It was held on a Saturday morning in a church gym with breakfast served and the typical Halloween fun. One happy mom hurriedly got her 4 little ones dressed in their costumes to strut their stuff at the party and then quickly donned her own getup and headed off to the fun.

Upon entering the gym and looking around it became quickly apparent that not another adult in that room was dressed up for Halloween. Sure, lots of the little kids were, most of them. But not one single adult. Other than this happy mom. Not a super subtle costume either.


That’s ok, she played it cool, had fun at the party, struggled to walk between the tables because her skirt flounced out so much. Still, the party was fun. Upon leaving the party and sitting down in the car with her hubby, he busted out laughing and singing “one of these things is not like the other…”

Please don’t be a fuddy duddy and leave people like me as the only adult dressed up at the party.  Have you decided what YOU are going to be for Halloween yet? Do YOU dress up? I know you dress your kiddos up, but what about you? I dress up, but I’m easy-I do the same costume every year.

Let’s start getting creative people because Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest involves you coming up with an amazingly creative costume so that you could get an invite. Find out how here:

That also includes a chance to win $25,000. That’s worth racking those brains for something creative-it’s got to be something you create, nothing store bought! And Martha Stewart will be there as the Halloween Expert judge.

You have until September 29th to enter this contest. For full contest details visit Hub Network.

After you finish your costume, then it’s time to think about your kiddos.

I make my kids Halloween costumes every year-it’s sort of one of the joys of my life. I love that they give me an idea and I create something and the think I am Super Mom. So today I want to show you a very easy way that you too can be Super Mom. It’s easy trust me.

Here’s a kid’s Ninja Costume:

Easy No Sew Ninjago Costume by Crazy Little Projects

Kid’s Ninja Costume Pattern Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants in the Ninja color of your choice (my son is supposed to be the red Ninja from Ninjago here) These are harder to find than you would think. Apparently nobody wears sweat suits (shirt and sweat pants) anymore, so I ordered online. I recommend getting a shirt without the zipper if you can. I couldn’t find one so I used this and it worked fine but it would be easier without.
  • Gold fabric
  • Small amount of black fabric
  • About 1/4 yard of fabric in the color of your sweat suit
  • Fusible paper backed adhesive like Heat n Bond
  • Foam sword (from dollar store)


Search the internet for a dragon that you can use as a template for your Ninja dragon. Print it out and trace it onto the paper backing part of your Heat n Bond. Cut that out. Then, use that as a template to cut out your gold fabric.

With this gold fabric you need to be very careful when heating it, so turn on your iron and then get a piece of fabric that you can put between your gold fabric and the iron. Iron the Heat n Bond to the gold fabric.

Then, peel the backing off and place your dragon where you want it on your sweat shirt. With the extra fabric or towel between the gold and the iron, adhere it in place.

I also added some flames to the legs the same way:


Then I just cut the mask part into a large triangle and tied it around his face. That’s it! Grab a sword and you’re officially the coolest mom ever.

The double coolest mom ever if you create your own costume and enter the Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hub Network through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to write a post about Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash Costume Contest, all opinions are my own.

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    • says

      I actually free handed it based on an image I found online. I am going to make another this week. If I can I will try to create a template.

  1. Chelsea says

    I have 4 crazy boys too! Two of them want to be Ninjago characters Cole and Zane. Thanks for your ideas. I always love to make or help make my boys costumes even though they are never perfect. I love your witch costume. I try to dress up on Halloween as well and often get strange looks from others.

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