Kids Craft: DIY Kids Painted T Shirts

It’s that time again! Kids take over the blog day with Crazy Little *Kids* Projects. Crafts FOR kids BY kids.

Crazy Little Kids Projects: Craft Projects for Kids by Kids

And today you’re getting my 5 year old. He’s very, very proud of this, so please show him some love.

And be ready to have your mind blown with this really cool paint we used on this project. It’s DIY kids painted T-shirts, with a twist:

Kids Craft: DIY Painted Shirt with a Twist (amazing paint!)

Why a twist you ask? This shirt is not what you paint. You actually paint this on to a piece of white paper and then iron the design onto the shirt. Pretty fancy right? My 5 year old’s mind was blown. Seriously.


DIY Kids Painted T Shirts Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

White T-shirt

White paper (any copy paper will work)

Ink Effects paint {by DecoArt}

Paint Brush




Prewash and dry T-shirt. Iron if needed.

Have your child paint a picture using the Ink Effects Paint on the white piece of paper:




Remember that it is going to be a mirror image. You’ll see in this picture that my 5 year old wanted me to do the lettering for him, which I did but I did it backwards:


When the painting is done let it dry for at least 45 minutes.

Then, heat your iron to the highest setting (no steam).

Lay out your T-shirt:



Then lay your painting face down on it:


Place another sheet of white paper on top of it and begin ironing. Keep the iron moving constantly and iron for 1-2 minutes. The directions say that the heavier the cotton the more you need to iron:


When you remove it-your child’s painting will be on the shirt! Paintedshirt

The beauty of this is that if they make a mistake they can just use a new piece of paper. Much easier than if they make a mistake on the T-shirt!

This is a great craft for summertime with your kids! Stick with us every Thursday for more great kids crafts to do this summer! (Subscribe to the blog for email updates.)


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  1. angieg123 says

    AWESOME!!!! What a cool monster truck shirt! My grandsons are going to love, love love, this. Can’t wait to show them this tutorial! You did a great job!

  2. Trish Butler says

    This is a great and cheap project especially since I have 16 grandbabies and 10 1/2 great grand babies.
    Thank you so much. Trish Butler

  3. Vicki says

    My 6-year-old has become such an artist lately, drawing all the time. What a fun idea to turn her art into a T-shirt.

  4. jan says

    Do you have to wash these shirts in any special way? Vinegar rinse?? What prevents the paint from washing out? Thanks. Great idea!!

    • says

      You know, I just washed his and it did fade a little. Maybe turn it inside out. Also, try to get shirts that have more polyester, less cotton.

  5. angieg123 says

    How did you clean your paint brushes when you finished. Did you use water? I showed my grand kids your awesome tutorial and they went wild with excitement, asking to do this project on their next visit .
    Thank you

  6. Alysia H says

    My almost 5 year old would go crazy for this type of project! Where did you get the paints?
    Awesome monster truck!

  7. donna says

    I love this! Never heard of that paint before. My two GOds are going to love it. Your boy is very good with that truck. I noticed the drawing had an orange truck, but it was blue on the shirt. Why? Something we might take into consideration when our turn comes. Happy painting!

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