Ruffled Easter Basket

This project was a request from a reader. She sent me a couple of pictures of Easter baskets from Pottery Barn Kids that were ruffly and cute and asked me to do a tutorial. I took one look at those pictures and was sold! Fun project idea. Of course now I have a ruffled Easter basket sitting in my house of 4 little boys. Not much help around here. But it sure is cute!

How to Make a Ruffled Easter Basket


Ruffle Easter Basket Tutorial

Ruffle Easter Basket


Ruffled Easter Basket Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Easter Basket

3 coordinating fabrics (or this can be done with more or less layers. I would be really cute with just one layer too.)

Hot Glue



First of all let me start by saying that my basket is 9 inches in diameter and about 5 1/2 inches high. You’ll need to adjust this tutorial to fit whatever size basket you get.

Start out by cutting a strip of your top fabric about 4-5 inches wide and about 1 inch longer than your circumference (about 3 times your diameter). So my strip was about 4-5 inches by 20 inches.

Fold the bottom of the strip up about an inch like you are hemming it and press that in place. Then fold the top down about an inch and press that in place.


Set this strip aside for later.

Cut your coordinating fabrics into strips about 44″ long (or however long your fabric will let you). The width of these strips is going to depend on the height of your basket. You want your bottom one to just reach the bottom of the basket. And you need to leave a little extra-about an inch-because you are going to hem them. So my strips started out about 3 inches, 4.5 inches and 6 inches wide (or so) before hemming. You can adjust the width after you hem them as needed.

So, hem each strip by folding it up half an inch and pressing and then again and pressing and then stitch that in place.


Now you are going to gather/ruffle each layer. If you need help on how to do that, I’ve got a tutorial on that here.


Don’t cut your threads that you used to gather yet. First hem the short edges on either side so they are finished off nicely:


Then, take your strip that you made at the beginning and each of your three fabrics. Fold the strip down over all three layers of fabric and pin it in place:


Stitch that all together. Iron as needed.

Then, to add it to the basket I just used hot glue. I started at the back, hot glued all the way around and then overlapped a little at the back:


I folded under the raw edge and hot glued that in place as well.


And you’re done! Now just fill it up. Maybe with a bunny hooded towel or a plush peep!

Ruffled Easter Basket Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

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  1. Kathy E. says

    This is darling! Using the same ruffling idea and sewn onto a larger fabric piece as a lining, you could make a cute little purse. Add a Velcro or button closure with a strap and voila….purses for the girlfriends of your 4 little guys!

  2. cris says

    Super cute! I picked up one of those plastic tub baskets for my daughter. I’m regretting not getting this style basket now.

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