Diapers and Wipes Case Pattern

This tutorial is a retake on my first Diapers and Wipes case. I’ve had a few readers ask how to make it with a strap, so today I’m taking the original diapers and wipes case pattern and adding a strap to it. It’s really simple. Go ahead and make yours with or without the stap-whichever you prefer.  Here’s the new version:

Diapers and Wipes Case Tutorial

Diaper Clutch Tutorial

And here’s the original:

Diaper Case


Diapers and Wipes Case Pattern and Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

About 1/3 yard of fabric of 2 coordinating fabrics


Fabric for strap or webbing (your choice)

Diaper and Wipes Carrier Pattern Pieces



There are slightly more detailed instructions on the original post. Please refer to it as needed.

Start out by cutting out your pieces as instructed on the pattern. You will have 2 pieces from each fabric.

Sew a small strip of Velcro to the back piece of the inner fabric and the front piece of the outer fabric a couple of inches from the top edge:


Now, grab your two outer pieces and place them right sides together and sew around them:


Do the same with the inner fabric.

Turn the inner fabric right side out and tuck it down into the outer fabric:


Now, either make a strap (as described in this post) or use canvas webbing like I did. You are going to insert your strap so that the ends stick out just a little bit on either side of the carrier like this. It’s nestled between the two layers of fabric:



Make sure it’s not twisted inside the bag. (The strap is all tucked down in there.) Pin the ends in place good.

Sew around the carrier (again, more pictures of this on the original post) starting here:


Go across the middle catching only the front pieces, not the back:


And up the other side:


Now turn everything right side out and press it nice and smooth.

Fold under the top edges and press. Then stitch across:


And you’re done!

Now, the beauty of this guy, and the reason I created the original one, was that I could fit a nice, big, fat pack of wipes in there like these Simply Right ones from Sam’s Club:


I love using those big packs of Simply Right wipes. They’re such nice wipes-I love them because they aren’t too thick so they wipe easier. And there’s SO many in a pack. They are so handy and last forever, but I wanted something that would fit them easily that I could carry. This carrier is designed to fit them.

I’ve also got a few Simply Right size 3 diapers in there. It should fit 2-3 of those. And you know what’s great about all of this? You’re going to save money too because you’re buying these Simply Right diapers and wipes from Sam’s Club. Up to $392 a year! You know what I’d buy with that savings? Fabric. Then make more diaper carriers. Win win right?

Here’s my little guys showing off his Simply Right Diapers:


He’s a ham. Gotta love him.


For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit http://simplyrightbabycare.com/sample.html today!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

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  1. says

    Another fabulous tutorial, Amber – thanks so much! And thanks, too, for sharing your precious son with all of us … he’s absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Truly!

  2. Vickie Breitbach says

    Thank You for all of your great ideas, and for sharing them with us.
    My only problem is walking away from your site to get something done around here. :)
    Love your model, he is way tooo cute!

  3. Tavette says

    What a wonderful baby shower gift these would make. Thanks for both the tutorials (original and the “with strap” one.

    I have a constructive suggestion: With the pattern pieces – mark the measurements on them so they’ll come out perfect (i.e. X” long, Y” wide and then you curve the edges. I’m wondering if my printer will get it right if I just print it from the post.

    By giving the measurements in inches, one could also figure out if their favorite box of wipes would fit (if they don’t use the Sam’s ones).

    Another thing which would help us non-mom “gift givers” would be to tell us the approximate age this size will be usable. I do know “not all babies are created equal” (size wise), i.e. Is this a changing pad up to the age of 6 mos? or 18 mos? We could then decide if we need to make it any larger.

    Thanks very much for both posts – great instructions.

  4. Tavette says

    What is wrong with me????? Guess I need another cup of coffee. Your tutorial is for a baby wipe and diaper holder – NOT a baby changer – which is what I was originally looking for. Sorry about that!

    I clicked on the wrong site, but am glad I did as your tutorial for the case is just wonderful!

  5. Jocelyn says

    Another clever tutorial I would like to try out. I had finished making the Kids Car Carrier using your tutorial & it came out cute! My friends on Facebook liked it! I also shared your tutorials on Pinterest. Thanks again!

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