Valentine’s Hand Towels

It’s becoming a tradition for me to create fun hand towels for every holiday now. It started with Halloween and then Thanksgiving and Christmas (my favorites so far!). Today I have some great Valentine’s hand towels for you. And…they’ve got owls on them. If you’ve got a thing for owls like I do then stay tuned. I’ve got more owl stuff coming your way in the next few weeks. (Oh, and check out this guy.) But for now, the hand towels:

Valentine's Hand Towels

Oh ya. I like that owl. And the wings are even made out of hearts! So fun!


Valentine’s Hand Towels Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Small amounts of fabric in red, pink, orange, white and black

Cut ribbon

Owl Hand Towels Pattern Pieces

Heat ‘n’ bond


All you need to do is cut out your pieces. Use any colors you want really. Then cut out heat ‘n’ bond in the same shapes.

Iron the Heat ‘n’ Bond to the backs of all of your pieces.

Place your pieces on a dish towel or hand towel making sure to put the feet and wings on first and then the owl body and then eyes, beak, and little hearts.

Iron everything in place.

Sew ribbon along the bottom (optional).

If your pieces don’t stick well I recommend either sewing them down a little or adding some fabric mod podge to the areas that are coming up.

Have fun!

Valentine's Day Hand Towels

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  1. Christy S. Lube says

    Eeeeeee! That is adorable! My oldest is absolutely NUTS for owls, I am going to have too much fun with this! :D

    • Amber says

      Honestly I haven’t tried it. This dish towel for some reason didn’t seem to adhere as well to other ones I have used. If it come off you can use fabric mod podge too or sew it in place.

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