Monster Hooded Towel Tutorial

They’re heeeere! They’re creepy and they’re cooky. I don’t know if I would call them spooky. But they’re pretty cute. It’s February’s hooded towel. Today I give you…a monster hooded towel tutorial! Not just one monster though. Today we’ve got 2:

How to Sew a Monster Hooded Towel by #monster #hooded towel

By popular request, a girl version:

Monster Hooded Towel Tutorial

And here they are all buddied up:

Monster Hooded Towels

Really, when I sat down at the sewing machine to make these I didn’t even know where I was going with them. I just sort of started putting pieces together and seeing what looked good until I had these two guys created.

The idea here is that you can do anything YOU want for yours. I have shown you some options: 1 big eye or two googly eyes, 1 horn or 2, add hair, add a bow, a whole row of sharp teeth, a few crooked and crazy, a nose or not. It’s all up to you.  I’m going to show you how I did various parts, but then you can create whatever you want from there.

Oh and 1 thing to mention. I have too many hooded towels in my house so I am selling these guys. $25 a piece plus $5 shipping for each. Email me if you want them. First come, first serve. Amberaprice at gmail dot com.


Monster Hooded Towel Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Bath Towel in any color

Matching Hand Towel (it will be cut in half)

White and black fabric for the eyes

Heat ‘n’ Bond

Optional accessories: other colors of fabric, towels, felt, fur, ribbon, whatever you want to use for your monster.


How to:

I have a full tutorial on how to make a hooded towel here so I am not going to break down all the steps of making the actual towel part, I will just show you the monster things here. Go to that tutorial for the towel making details.

Once you have cut your hand towel in half (see hooded towel tutorial), I recommend starting with the eyes. Cut out your eyes however you want them. Cut out pieces of Heat ‘n’ Bond in the same sizes and attach them to the back of your fabric with your iron, then iron your eyes in place. Applique around the eyes to hold them in place:

Monster hooded towel pattern


Now, to add my horns here is what I did. Cut out your fabric in the shape of a horn (any shape you want is fine). Cut 2 matching pieces per horn. (I used fuzzy fabric because I have a lot on hand.) Then you will sew your two pieces together leaving the bottom open so that you can turn them right side out.

Sew a horn

Turn it right side out (and stuff it with stuffing or something if you want).


Now, decide where you want your horns on your towel:

Make a Monster hooded towel

And cut a small slit in that spot:


Slide your horn down into it and on the underside, sew it closed (and snip off the excess horn):


I did the same thing for the hair. My hair is made of felt. I just cut a slit, stuck it down in there and then sewed it shut on the underside:


To do the teeth I just cut out my shapes from felt. For the sharp ones I did a long string of them, for the rectangle ones I cut them separate. Either way works. Then pin them in place and sew a line across them to hold them in place.

Monster towels

To add the bow you can either hand stitch it in place or use your machine.

Then I like to round off the top of the towel. To do this I sew a triangle tip:

Hooded towels for baby and toddlers

Then snip it off:


To attach your hood to your towel go to the hooded towel tutorial here.

And you’ve got something pretty great!

Monster Hooded Towel Pattern

Happy sewing! And be sure to check out all of the hooded towels and stick around for a new one each month.

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  1. VickiT says

    These just keep getting cuter and cuter ~ or is this one scarier? lol Great job.

    I need to ask for help because it’s been requested of me to make a new hooded towel for my Granddaughter. You towels, and any others I can find online look like they would be just huge on her as she’s only 1 yr old. Is there any chance you have any ideas for measurments to make these slightly smaller for the younger children? I am sure given the size these appear to be that she would swim in one of these using a bath towel because she’s still so tiny.

    • Amber says

      I personally really like the bigness of them even with babies. I use them with all of my babies and it wraps them up so nice and warm when they are little.

      • judy says

        Hi Amber. Thanks for your learn to sew series, I’ve been coming along and I sure do appreciate your hints. I have a question on the frog hooded towel. I am really struggling with getting the nose applied to the main part of the towel. I used the same towel that you did, from Target, but I have broken two needles trying to get through all the thicknesses. You told me about the lever to lift the needle higher, but even with that, I have to stuff the thicknesses through and then the machine just won’t go through so bulk. It keeps stopping and won’t feed the fabric through. Can you help me? Grandbaby is coming for a visit this weekend and I’d love to have it finished!

        • Amber says

          I actually pull my fabric pretty hard in those spots. Don’t let the machine do all the work, give it some pulling of your own. And you can use a heavy duty needle if needed.

  2. Rachael says

    Thanks for the great tutorials! I can’t wait to make some of these for your boys with my new skills from your Learn to Sew series!

  3. says

    LOOOOVE them:))) Have to do for my little one cos he nearly grow out from his own “lady bird”… Hope the biger one is to big;) effect will be shown on my blog if you dont mind:)

  4. Jennifer Hensley says

    These are friggin adorable!! Must make ASAP. I’m a newbie sewer so we’ll see how they turn out. One question though…how well does the felt hold up when washing this towel? Thanks and awesome blog!!!

  5. Katharina says

    Thank you so much for your towel tutorials! I did this monster towel in my sewing class and everybody was absolutely crazy about it- you’ve got a bunch of new fans!!

    The hood turned out huge (I used a towel piece approx. 20 x 20 inches) even for us adults and let alone for my 9-month-old girl, though, so I’ve just made another, smaller hood from that 2nd half of the hand towel, using a piece of approx. 16 by 16 inches. Maybe this helps those people who find the hood a bit too large.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing these cute, CUTE ideas so generously and even telling us beginners how to make them!

    • Katharina says

      One more question: can you put felt in the washing machine? I always thought hat could be a problem, but obviously it isn’t, or do you wash the towels by hand

      • Amber says

        Yes, but it doesn’t hold up very well. Use cotton if you want or fleece. Fleece isn’t the greatest, but probably better than felt.

  6. Karoline says

    Such cute hooded towels!! I believe on your original hooded towel tutorial you cut the hand towel “hamburger style”, correct? Do you do that for all the character towels as well? Some of them look like maybe they were cut “hotdog style.”

    • Amber says

      I cut them all exactly the same. I am thinking I need to put the measurements for how big my hand towels end up being.

  7. Trish Butler says

    I think this , the green one, is your best so far, but I feel that way each time a new one is posted. I love the colors and I have 11 great grandbabies who will love these also. Thank you for your time and talent.
    Trish Butler

  8. Manin says

    Hi Amber!

    Im from Mexico and I have a question … what is Heat ‘n’ Bond?? It’s a type of fabric?? Im sorry about this, but maybe in spanish has another name but I dont understand exactly what it is … :) thanks a lot !!!

    • says

      Oh sorry! I need to call it by it’s true name…which I can’t think of! It’s iron on transfer so that you can iron one piece of fabric to another.

  9. Kristi Duensing says

    I love your idea of the monster towels. My daughter is expecting twin boys so I’d like to make something special for her. the problem is…..I am not a sewer!!! I think I could make these as you did, but wondered if anyone had other ideas for twin boys. Thanks!!

    • says

      I didn’t do pattern pieces on this one since it’s supposed to be a little crazy but you can find the eye pattern on any of the other hooded towels.

  10. Joan says

    I love all your hooded towels and have made 3 of them already, Elmo, Angry Bird, the Red one and the bunny. My Grandchildren love them and my children are asking me to make more for there friends for gifts.
    Thanks so much for sharing, they are all really cute, and fun to make!

  11. Jenna says

    These are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to start making one! I just bought felt for the hair and teeth and was wondering how they hold up through the washing machine. Have you had any problems with the felt? Thanks!

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