Love Blocks-Valentine’s Decor

Yes, it’s almost Valentine’s day, but I have another project to show you. I told you I was going crazy this year. But here’s one more cute, easy and fun Valentine decoration idea for you. It’s a Love Sign made with sparkly glitter paint. I love sparkly glitter paint.

Love Sign for Valentine's Day


Love Sign Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Wood (I got some wood squares at Michael’s for a dollar or two a piece):








Paint-I used Glamour Dust from DecoArt-it has glitter right in the paint

Stencils of some sort (I made mine from contact paper)

Paint brush

Hot glue


Start out by making your stencils. I used contact paper and cut out the letters and heart shapes. You can do this with a cutting machine if you have one or use an exacto knife (and just print out what you want to cut and use that as a guide.)

Paint your blocks white and let them dry.

Put your stencil on your wood blocks and begin to paint over them. Keep in mind that with two of the stencils (the heart and the V) you are paint the hole the stencil creates. With the other two, you are going to put the letter on and paint everything else, then peel the letter off to leave the white showing.

With the glamour dust it goes on pretty light so I had to do at least 4 coats


Peel off your stencils. I had to touch up a little where my stencil had let some paint bleed.

Once it is all dry, use a hot glue gun to glue all 4 together:


And if you want to hang it, use the hot glue to attach a ribbon as well:


And you’re done. I tried to take a picture to capture the glitter in the paint. It’s hard to show in a picture, but you get the idea right? The glitter was built right in!


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