Learn to Sew Series: Final Project and Grand Prizes

This is it…the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Right? We have completed the 7 lesson Learn to Sew series. And now we are ready for the Final Project.

I know that not everyone is completely caught up on the lessons. That’s ok. They aren’t going anywhere. You will be able to access them here anytime you want. So keep plugging away and learning new things if you aren’t finished yet, ok?

What I need to know from you is what else you want to learn? What do you still wish you knew how to do with your sewing machine? What projects would you like to see tutorials for? Would you leave me a comment telling me?

Now, on with the show. It’s time to sew a final project and award some GRAND PRIZES!


Final Project and Grand Prizes:

For your final project you can sew anything you want. Anything at all. Pick something that interests you and sew away!

For ideas you can access our Things to Sew Pinterest board that readers have been pinning ideas to for a few months.

You are of course welcome to sew any of my sewing tutorials. (I’ll also be posting later this week with some of my favorite tutorials from this blog.)

Or you can scour the internet or pattern store for whatever you want. Anything goes.


To Enter:

I want to see a picture of what you have created. I have 2 ways for you to do this. You can either:

1. Post a picture in the facebook group or on the facebook wall of your final project. Please indicate that that is what it is, so that I know it is your entry.

2. Or you can email me a picture of your final project. Please email me at amberaprice at gmail dot com.

If you submit a picture you are giving me permission to post it on my blog if I choose yours to show off. So please submit only things you are ok with me sharing AND, try to take the best picture possible.

All entries must be received by midnight Pacific Time on March 5th. That gives you 2 weeks.



We have 4 prizes being given out for this Final Project. Here they are:

$50 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop:

$50 Gift Card to Fat Quarter Shop

$25 Gift Card to The Ribbon Retreat

(Also, don’t forge that they have a deal going right now for my readers.

15% off with the code crazy15 but only through the end of this series).

The Ribbon Retreat $25 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card to Southern Fabric:

(They’ve got Modkid patterns 25% off until the end of the month

and Good fortune yardage is 30% off while supplies last.)

$25 Gift Card to Southern Fabric

And a $25 gift card to use at either pattern store: Dotis Spot or Patterns, Crafts and Things:

$25 gift card for Patterns


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  1. Linda says

    I have had the MOST fun with this series. Thank you so much ! For my final project I made a checkbook cover and I added a few flourishes of my own – interfacing, slots for cards, a pen holder. I was totally amazed at all the things I’ve learned. I posted my pic to your FB page.

  2. Gretchen says

    I have to catch up my machine decided to break half way through the series. Thankfully my birthday is coming up and I just got a new one!

  3. Leah says

    I’m thinking of making a pillow case dress for my daughter. I found a cute pattern on Pintrest. Thanks for all the great lessons!

  4. Shannon says

    This series has been great. Thank you! I would love tutorials on making a simple knit shirt (or t-shirt) or lining a skirt. Thank you again for taking the time to do the sewing series.

  5. Amber S says

    Got a new pattern for a dress for my little girl. Even requires a zipper!! Hoping it works out. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  6. Liz c. says

    Darnnit. I’m always late to the party but I’m still gonna do all the lessons. I just found ur site yesterday and I’ve been looking for something like this forever! All i have found are lessons for pillowcases and pouches. ( not that i don’t like them i just don’t want to make 15 of them) but ur projects look fun! Thank u! Can’t wait to start!

  7. Leisa H says

    I made your crayon and coloring book carrier, i was really surprised that i made it. i was quite chuffed with myself. :)

  8. Darcy says

    This has been awesome! I am so much more confident in using my sewing machine, I have hemmed curtains, sewn a costume to wear in the Disney Princess 5k this upcoming weekend, and am working on an “everyday princess” dress for my 6 year old in the style of Merida! :)

  9. Jess says

    Just finished my final project. It’s a little tote bag that rolls up really small so that you can put it in your purse. That way you always have a reuable tote with you. I’ll email you a picture.

  10. crystal moyer says

    I sent an email with my project picture!!

    Awesome giveaway!!! love this blog newbie and loving the easy tutorials

  11. Andi McArdle says

    I loved this series!! It got me over the fear of my machine. I have so many ideas to create and make now. Thank you so much. I submitted my final project on the facebook page!!

  12. Diane Collins says

    I have really enjoyed your series. Lots of great information. I would love to find a little series to give advice and tips on sewing stretchy knit fabrics. I know there should be certain needles and that there are certain “tricks” but not sure what.

  13. Katie Howard says

    I have loved doing this series. Thank you so much! I’m in love at the fabric store now and can actually buy the fabric to make things. Its awesome!

  14. Colleen says

    This has been such a fun series! I’ve done some sewing before, but all straight stitch–I was even afraid of the zig zag stitch! Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone, and for giving me the tools to make all sorts of cute things for my family and my friends. :)

  15. sandra hupertz says

    Thank you so much for this series! I just emailed you a picture of my final project. I could not figure out how to post it to the facebook wall.

    Thank you

  16. Kim H says

    I finally got around to finishing my final project, an applique Cars towel for my son and a little boy having a birthday. Both conveniently have the same name so everything was identical.

  17. lesley says

    i am so excited that i just found this series because i am currently trying to teach myself to sew from the VERY basics and need information that can help!

  18. Mel says

    Amber, Thank you so much for these amazing tutorials!!! I have really enjoyed them. There are still a couple of things I need to do (appliqué & buttonholes), but I will get round to it this week. I will email you a picture the lovely bib I made as a present for my new nephew thanks to my newly gained skills :) Thanks again!

  19. Nicci says

    I made a Kindle Fire cover for my final project and posted pictures on the Facebook group. Thank you so much for teaching me to use my sewing machine and giving me the motivation to actually use it! I NEVER would have attempted any of these projects without your tutorials and “assignments.” Thank you for your time!

  20. Liz Kennedy says

    Thank for the opportunity to enter and all the valuable lessons. I have just emailed my picture to you,

  21. Jana says

    Oh dear, I almost forgot to send some pictures of my final project! Thanks for today’s reminder! I just sent an e-mail with a few pictures of my new handbag.

  22. says

    I just made a soother clip last night and I used snaps! I know this is a small deal to some but I’d never used them before and the installation intimidated me… I’ve been sewing for a long while but enjoyed this series just the same and decided to push myself to make do some sewing I’ve never done before. fun!
    I’m having trouble with uploading photos on my computer at the moment but I’ll have another crack at it today and send one off to you :)
    thanks for doing this series.

  23. says

    Thanks so much for doing this series! It really gave me a goal to actually complete some projects that I was putting off. Thanks so much!

  24. Laurie says

    I loved this series! I made a pillowcase dress and a peasant dress for my final projects. No pics, sorry. Thanks for all your great ideas and hard work on this series.

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