25+ Things to Sew

With the end of the Learn to Sew series, I thought I would show off some of my very favorite sewing projects that I have done on my blog so far. Here’s a bunch of my favorite sewing projects just for fun. I have to tell you that I am addicted to sewing. It’s just so much fun to take a pile of fabric and make it into something don’t you think? Feels so good. (OK, I admit there are times when I am cursing my machine, but mostly I love sewing.)

Happy sewing!

25+ Things To Sew:

25+ Things to Sew


Things to Sew for Little Boys:

Things to Sew for Boys

Clockwise from the top left corner:

Ninjago Pillowcase

Superhero Mask

Monster Hooded Towel

Toddler Backpack

Superhero Cape

Things to Sew for Girls:

Things to Sew for Girls

Mary Jane Baby Shoes

Peasant Dress Ensemble

Ladybug Hooded Towel

Ruffle Dress


Things to Sew for Kids: (Great Gifts!)

Things to Sew for Gifts


Crayon and Coloring Book Carrier

Angry Birds Hooded Towels

Car Carrier

Baby Blanket


Bags to Sew:

4 Bags to Sew

Sling Tote

Ruffle Tote

Reversible Mini Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag


Things to Sew for You:

Things to Sew for Women

Ruffle Apron

Maxi Skirt

DIY Skirt

Ear Warmer Headband

Festive Apron



And sew my favorite-

Animal Hooded Towels:

Animal Hooded Towel Tutorials

 Animal Hooded Towel so far include:




Teddy Bear




Angry Birds



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Hey there! I'm Amber, mom of 4 crazy boys, wife of 1 and non-stop, always busy, crazy project doer. (There's a reason why we call it *Crazy* Little Projects.) I love chocolate, reading, sewing and being with people!

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  1. Deborah Tanner says

    Hello! I just found your website, via the recent giveaway, and I’m loving it! Question…what is the project that is pictured under the pajamas under “Things to Sew for Kids”? I don’t see a link for it, but it looks like a blanket? Thanks for such great inspiration!

  2. says

    It is my goal in life to learn how to sew. I need to take a class. I made some bow ties for the boys about a month ago…but it was under strict observance from my friend! :-)

  3. says

    Oh my goodness are these outfits you’ve made adorable…. love the hooded towels. and the tiered apron…. guess I’m going to have to dust off my sewing machine, and maybe try out one or two of these cute ideas. Thanks for posting.

  4. says

    I love your choice of fabrics! Everything looks bright and vibrant.

    I have subscribed to your blog via email, so I can read your posts from now on, and have also started following you on Pinterest. Glad to have found your site!


  5. Kathy W says

    I just found your site almost by accident. It is so wonderful and filled with wonderful ideas to sew for
    my grandchildren. You are a very creative woman. God bless you.

  6. Melissa P. says

    I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your site! As a novice seamstress with a sudden hankering to make an apron, I googled “how to make an apron” and found your Festive Apron tutorial on theribbonretreat.com. I must compliment you on your excellent instructions, because my aprons turned out great! Now I see a ton of your stuff I want to make! I am so glad I stumbled here… You’re amazing!

  7. Lynda Riley says

    Amber, what a wonderfully creative lady you are! And with 4 busy little people to take care of as well, I am almost exhausted thinking about it! But I commend you for your fabulous site and items that you have shared. I have 5 small grandsons and with your help I am sure to make a few Christmas gifts for them all. I am sure the hooded towels will be a BIG hit. Thank you for sharing you creations. You are an inspirational lady Warm Regards, Lynda:)

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