Valentine’s Glitter Letters

Happy FUNday Friday again! Have you had a great week? I’ve got a simple and fun craft today that your kids can do with you. It will spruce your home up for Valentine’s day and sprinkle glitter everywhere. What more could you want?!

Valentine’s Glitter Letters!

Valentine's Kids Crafts

They’re fun and they’re easy. My 4 year old had a blast doing it!

Supplies Needed:

Wooden letters (I did XOXO but you could do LOVE or BE MINE, etc.)




All you need to do is paint your letters. Easy even for little hands:

I did 2 coats. On the second coat, while it’s still nice and wet, sprinkle glitter all over it:

Tap the glitter off, let it dry the rest of the way and then glue your letters together with either tacky glue or a hot glue gun. And you’re done!

Looks great with the Valentine’s day printable from earlier this week!

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  1. Marie B says

    So cute! I do glitter in the top of a cake container which was left unclaimed after one of the holidays! So much neater for me cause I get glitter everywhere! Would be difficult though for little people unless you put it on a short kid table or coffee table! Like your projects, thanks for sharing! Just not enough time in a day!

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