Groundhog Day Ideas to Do With Kids

It’s coming…will the little guy see his shadow or will he not? I’m not thinking it matters too much. There’s no sign of spring in my neck of the woods. But I do like to try to make the little holidays fun for my kids, so I was searching around on Pinterest for some Groundhog Day ideas and figured as long as I was at it, I might as well share them with you. Here’s some fun ones that I found:

Groundhog Day Ideas to do With Kids

1. Adorable Groundhog Hat from Repeat Crafter Me (OK, time’s a little short to make it for this year, but maybe next year)

2. Groundhog Cookies from She Knows

3. Groundhog Activities from Sharing Kindergarten

4. Peeking Groundhog Treat from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

5. Groundhog Clipart by My Cute Graphics

Groundhog Day Ideas

6. Groundhog Craft by Creative Teaching Kimberly

7. Groundhog S’mores by Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

8. Groundhog Treats by Bunnycakes

9. Groundhog Pudding Treat by Playtime with Mommy


I’m really going to do a couple of these this year. Will you join me? Your kids will love it! Which ones do you think you might do?

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  1. Kathy says

    What a cool idea! Thank you for posting this:) I’m thinking about doing #4 because its still chilly here in D.C, #8 for the kids in our hood :), and #9 because its a cute and easy dessert! Also, I can swap it out for fat free pudding ( wink wink), the kids will never know!

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