Animal Hooded Towel Giveaway!

I crossed the 3,000 mark on Facebook this past weekend and promised my loyal followers a giveaway as a thank you. Are you my fan on Facebook? If not, that’s ok, you can still enter this giveaway. I still like you. (I’d like you even more if you were my fan.) :)

I decided, in honor of my Learn to Sew series and the introduction of January’s hooded towel tomorrow (as a guest post on another blog-watch for details) that I would do an Animal Hooded Towel giveaway.

Here’s the deal, YOU get to pick any towel. If you win, I will make it and send it to you. Don’t have a kiddie? That’s ok-save it for a baby shower. Or win it for a friend.

Want to learn to make one of these yourself. PLEASE join me for the Learn to Sew Series starting this week!

What do you think? Want to enter? It’s easy-first check the towels here to see which one you want. (Or, if you have an idea for a new towel I’m willing to try it.)

Then enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Kate says

    My daughter’s room is done in dragons, so I’ve been planning on making her one of these like the blue dino/dragon. That’s the one I’d choose if I won!

  2. Chelsey Crain says

    I love the girl and I think my husband would love the dinosaur (it’s awesome) but our daughter would love either! I am going to try my best to make her one.

  3. Pattie Gilbert says

    I would love to win the dragon for my one year old grandson. Can’t wait for your sew series to start!!! I’m a BIG fan of Crazy Little Projects!!

  4. diana says

    I need to win the dragon, my grandson is in love with dragons. Yours is so darn CUTE!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Cristina says

    Eek! I can’t wait to make these in the Learn to Sew series. And of course I wouldn’t mind winning one too.

  6. Jan Harrison says

    I would love to have the Owl Towel :) In about 3 weeks I will be a proud Nana to a beautiful baby girl & her theme is OWLS!!! Can’t wait for her to get here!!!!

  7. Donna Ingalls says

    My grandson is our “little monkey” as he climbs all over everything. I would just love to win the monkey towel Too cute.
    You are so creative

  8. Diane Marston says

    My youngest grandson’s baby room decor is ‘monkeys’, so the monkey towel would be perfect.
    It is adorable!

  9. says

    wow. Right now? The angry birds… But this is one of my FIRST planned projects from your site… sooo….. Maybe I can win the angry bird one for my son. then the i can make the others for my niece and nephew for Easter. :)

  10. Bev Weis says

    I’d love them all (so clever), but I believe I would choose the frog if I won.
    Thanks for all the info you share!

  11. stormyyskyy says

    My son loves frogs, so i would go with that. They make great pool towels, too. Covers everything when you get in the car.

  12. Susan Broughton says

    I really like 2 of them: the teddy bear and the dragon. I guess if I had to choose the teddy bear would be the best for my newborn nephew! I’d love to send it to him! Thanks for the chance to win and offering the towel!

  13. says

    Neat! I love your little towels. A dragon one would be great for my little grandson. They are all adorable though and I wouldn’t mind winning any of them. Thanks!

  14. Saundra says

    my dil & son are expecting a baby boy this spring. I would love to win a hooded towel for him!! Love the bear and the dragon.

  15. Nikki says

    They are all way too cute!! & I’m super excited about the learn to sew class :D
    I’m in love with the dragon tho (: too cute

  16. Kathy Kabelis says

    My little guy would love the Teddy Bear one! Do they have “paws”? Just wondering because he has a lion one that has little pockets kinda at the corners with pads for paws. (An idea for your towels, if they’re not already like that?) He has such a great time pretending he’s a lion :)

  17. Natasha J says

    Love these towels and I would love the monkey for my son! Really they are all too cute! I think an elephant would be cool too!

  18. says

    My grandson is into dinosaur. He would love the dinosaur hood towel or the frog if that is what it is since it is in green color. I will try to make one during your learn to sew lessons as well as I have 5 grandsons.

  19. Sherry Lowe says

    Like all of the hooded towels so hard to pick, but I will go with Angry Birds. I am enjoying reading your learn to sew series.

  20. says

    I am almost the mom of four boys and when my two oldest saw me check out this giveaway and the cute towels there was some discussion over which one we would choose but I think that we all agreed on the cute dragon towel. It was hard to choose though they are all so adorable.

  21. VickiT says

    I love the Ladybug most I think. (Actually I LOVE the Angry Birds but I must have the ONLY Grandchildren on Earth that aren’t ‘into’ Angry Birds. LOL)

  22. Amy Reed says

    My husband wants the red Angry Bird :) ha!! I was the recipient of a new sewing machine for Christmas so I’m very much looking forward to your sewing tutorials!

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