Tim Tam Slam

Happy FUN Day Friday! I decided to keep it sweet and simple today-but still FUN! If you have never tried a Tim Tam Slam you’re going to thank me. I’ll go ahead and say “you’re welcome” right now.

How to do a Tim Tam Slam

What, you ask, is a Tim Tam Slam? Let me teach you.

Tim Tam Slam:

First of all you need to buy some Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams. I’m told they can be hard to find in the States. My mother in law bought ours and she got them at Target. She also saw them at a Fresh Market grocery store. Typically I think you can only find them around the holidays in the US. I’ve heard they are plentiful in Australia all the time.

Once you have you hands on some Tim Tams, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

Bite opposite corners off of either side of your Tim Tam:

Timtam slam

Then put one of the corners that you bit off down into your hot chocolate and suck through the other end until you start to get hot chocolate though it.

Quickly eat your Tim Tam. It’s going to be all full of hot chocolate at this point and soft and wonderful. You’re going to be amazed. Go ahead, knock yourself out again. You’ve got a glass of hot chocolate after all.

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  1. winda says

    oh timtam’s! i got to know them when i visited the beautifull country of Australia some 15 or 16 years ago… i love them! over here in the Netherlands we can’t get them so everytime i speak my family in australia i ask them to send me a box full with timtams! the way you showed how to use them is exactly how i got it teached back than… and i loved it! oh thank you for this tripp down memory lane!

    Hugs from the Netherlands!

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