Stenciled Holiday Placemats

Don’t hate me, but I am almost totally done with my Christmas list. I’ve baked 42 dozen of these cookies, delivered them to friends, bought and wrapped almost everything, and have made everything I am making except 1 present.

This means that I get to spend the next week just having fun! And that means breaking into some of my craft supplies that have been sitting around waiting for me to use them.

So, in the next few days I will hopefully be doing some last minute Christmas crafts and if all goes well, I will be showing them off to you so that you too can try to squeeze in a few more simple Christmas crafts.

Let’s start with this. It’s pretty quick and easy and turns out great. It would look amazing to have a whole table set with these…maybe I will have to go to Target and get some more:

Stenciled holiday placemats

Stenciled Holiday Placemats Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Red placemats (I got mine at Target for a couple bucks)

White fabric paint

Snowflake Stencil (mine is Martha Stewart’s which you can get at Michael’s)


Using painter’s tape, tape your stencil down where you want it and then daub white paint into the snowflake stencil area. Fill the whole area, gently lift your stencil and move to the next area.

Just keep doing it until you have it covered. That’s it! Easy stenciled holiday placemats. You could do these for any holiday really.

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