Believe-Painted Wooden Letters

I think I am totally obsessed with glitter lately. What is going on? Is anyone else feeling the glitter bug biting? I got this set of wooden letters from Crafty Wood Cutouts and I know I needed to cover them in glitter to make myself some sparkly glitter letters for Christmas. My husband, mom and brother all thought I was a little nutty to use blue and silver instead of the classic red and green, but I LOVE how it turned out!

Love, love, love. It’s so sparkly!

I don’t know-what would you do if you had these letters? Would you have gone more traditional? Red and green could be really pretty too!

Crafty Wood Cutouts is a local store near me, but they also have an online store, so even if you don’t live near me, you can shop there. And they don’t have just the word Believe to work with. They have a whole line of different Christmas sets as well as other holidays. Check them out.

Or, if you prefer, you could get paper mache or any wooden letters from your local craft store.


Glitter Letters for Christmas:

Supplies Needed for this Project:

Wooden Letters

Acrylic paint in desired colors

Glitter in matching colors

Glue on jewels


All I did was paint each letter with several coats of paint. Then, when it was well covered I gave it one last heavy coat of paint and sprinkled it with glitter. On the tree I also used tacky glue to stick on some sparkly little blue jewels.

Love it!

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  1. says

    I’m making all of my Christmas presents this year. I’m sewing pj’s for the kiddos right now and making some hats as well. I LOVE the blue and silver!!

  2. Kayla says

    I always make our Christmas cards, 150 is the usual number. Also this year I’m making Monogrammed clay saucer coasters and an antique metal looking monogram wall letter for my family members.
    ~Love the Believe letters you did. They look great!

  3. Stacey says

    This season I’m making lots of baby things! I’m going to fill up the baby’s little stocking with bows, bedding and more. …So maybe it’s not totally just for the season, but she needs all that stuff so might as well give it to her for Christmas! :)

    • Amber says

      I am seriously working on a Joy with an ornament in the middle too. If I post it on this blog I promise I wasn’t copying you! That’s so fun that you are doing it too!

  4. Shanna says

    This is so cute. I really want this Believe set. It is nice to have something that is not the usual red and green, it turned out nice.

  5. Mandy Christiansen-Gardenheir says

    I’m making Christmas crafts with the kiddos. We have done special snowflakes and other crafts. :)

  6. says

    This year most of my gifts are going to be handmade. I’m making a birthday calender for my mom & mother-in-law so they can keep track of everyone’s birthdays. I’m making my kids quilts, as well as my kid sister. And so much more! I love what how cute your ‘Believe’ is!

  7. says

    I love love love using scrapbook paper on wood. I love how you go way beyond the normal geometric shape. I love looking at all of your stuff online and wish I had a bazillion dollars to purchase them ALL!

  8. Trudy Thompson says

    I love this– I would do it exactly like you did. Blue is my favorite color and goes with most of the rooms in my house.. including my living room where I would put it! I don’t think your’re nutty at all.. but you are obviously VERY Creative and think outside the box.. like I do. Who says blue and silver are not Christmas colors??? One year I decorated my whole tree in blue and silver! It is beautiful and so very calming.. Keeping my fingers crossed.. thank you for the opportunity!!

  9. debb says

    I am not crafting enough lately! Currently I am making earrings for presents but I need to get going with other projects!

  10. Joanne H. says

    This was the first year I made homemade Christmas cards. I have been wanting to try it for years, but was always afraid they wouldn’t be good. This year I tossed those doubts aside and went for it!

  11. says

    I am making all my Christmas gifts this year, I’ve been ribbon wreath, felt leaf wreaths, pom pom wreaths, sugar scrubs, yarn / felt flower wreaths, tulle wreaths and photo albums!

  12. Isabel Vazquez says

    I will be making this Saturday a bunch of Christmas tree ornaments out of wood. Stars, stockings, candy canes. For my friends and as neighbors gifts. I am so excited to get started!! Yay!!!

  13. Stephanie says

    I am making quilts and in my mind i am making many other things but in reality I know its not gonna happen :(

  14. Audra Ciprich says

    Lots of crafting going on at my house, kitchen towels, blankets, quilts, pj’s, pillowcases and the list goes on and on.

  15. Karen C says

    So far I made a tree from a branch painted white, sitting in a funnel as a stand, also made tin foil ball snowmen, painted, and will start on lap quilts next. Having spasms in left shoulder/arm this week so it slowed me down. I had to make homemade rice filled heat/cold packs for my pain and even that was crafty.

  16. Sue says

    I LOVE the non-traditional Christmas colors, and use the like, plus, pink and lime green for my Christmas decorating and crafting. :)

  17. Heidi de Roda says

    I saw this originally at The Quilted Bear… or something like it that was selling for almost $40. .I was in love ever since … and know I know I can make it for cheaper, I won’t be racing back to try to find it after Christmas on sale!

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