Washi Tape Holiday Ideas

I had some holiday colors of Washi Tape (find out what Washi Tape is if you don’t already know) on hand and wanted to use it, so I sat down at my kitchen table to see what I could come up with. Here are a few simple washi tape ideas for Christmas to add a little flair to your holidays.

Washi Tape Ideas for Christmas:

Add some flair in the form of washi tape. See the green “ribbon” on this package? Washi tape is really easy to add to a package. Easier to keep in place than ribbon. washi tape ideas for Christmas

Or how about making a gift bag just a little more fun?

Washi Tape Gift Bag

Add a tiny bit of color to Christmas card envelopes with Washi tape. (You could also to this with tags.)

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

One more idea-a washi tape Christmas tree!

Holiday Washi Tape Ideas

They’re simple but fun!

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  1. Marie B says

    I bought some Washi Tape and wasn’t sure what to with it! Wish I had seen this before Christmas……. Now I will use it for gifts! Thanks!

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