Thanksgiving Hand Towels


Do you know I just realized I made one of these adorable Turkey Thanksgiving Hand Towels back in October and now here it is close to Thanksgiving and I forgot to actually break it out and use it! Be smarter than me. Make these Thanksgiving hand towels and then actually use them ok?

Thanksgiving Decorations

Remember my Halloween hand towels from last month? I thought they turned out so cute and fun that I decided to give Thanksgiving Turkey hand towels a go as well. I think I like these ones even better! That turkey’s just too cute! They will be perfect as a dish towel or hand towel to decorate my home during the month of November. What do you think?

Plus, these ones are no sew (other than the optional ribbon)-easier to make! Want to make your own? Sure you do!


What You Need:

Hand Towels or Dish Towels (mine came in a 2 pack at Target for like $3 or $4)

Scraps of fabric in Fall colors-red, yellow, orange, brown

Heat ‘n’ Bond

Ribbon (optional)


Thanksgiving Hand Towels Tutorial:

First print and cut out the pattern pieces.

Next, using the pattern pieces, cut out your fabric. You will need 1 body and about 5 feathers (you can certainly do more or less, that’s up to you). Also, 2 feet, 2 eyes and 2 eyeballs and a beak.

Now, cut out the same things but in the Heat ‘n’ Bond this time.

With your iron, adhere the fabric pieces to the Heat ‘n’ Bond pieces. Peel off the paper backing.

Place your feathers where you want them on your towel and iron them in place. Then place the body where you want it and iron it in place. Same thing with the eyes and beak and feet. Make sure everything is adhered very well.

Optional: If you want you can add decorative ribbon to the bottom. I sewed that in place.

Pretty cute?

Thanksgiving dish towel

Easy Thanksgiving crafts

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  1. says

    This is just too cute, I just made a turkey t-shirt for my youngest daughter and now I think I might have to make this!! Thanks for sharing your idea :)

  2. Diane says

    I love the turkey…can’t wait to see some Christmas towels.
    How did the turkey pieces hold up in the washer and dryer?

    • Amber says

      Oh Christmas towels…better get on that! :) I haven’t washed mine yet…here’s hoping it’s ok. It should be I think.

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