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I love, love, love Thanksgiving! I just love the coziness of being at home while the turkey cooks, the parade is on, making turkey cookies with my kids and the kickoff to the Christmas season! As part of that Christmas season kickoff, our family has a tradition-we have a Polar Express party one evening during Thanksgiving weekend. Today I am going to share with you some fun Polar Express Party ideas.


Polar Express Party Ideas:

What You Need:


Hot Chocolate


Tickets (Free Printable Here)

Train Whistle and Hat (if you have one)

Polar Express Theme Song


Here’s What We Do:

Everyone gets in their pajamas and is handed a ticket. We turn on the Polar Express theme song on full blast and Dad leads the procession around the house wearing the train conductor’s hat and blowing the train whistle. After the song ends Dad (the conductor) punches the tickets.

Then we settle in to watch the movie with popcorn. The hot chocolate comes out during the hot chocolate part of the movie. If they get really lucky I even put on my tap shoes.

Pretty simple, but a fun family tradition that my kids really look forward to.


A Few Fun Popcorn Recipes: (if you want to get fancy)

S’mores Popcorn:


Peppermint Bark Popcorn:


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn:


A Few Fun Hot Chocolate Recipes:

Frozen Hot Chocolate:

Nutella Hot Chocolate:


Hot Chocolate Cupcakes:


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  1. Renee says

    Love it! We plug in Christmas lights inside the car… and put this soundtrack in the CD player. We punch the kids tickets, get them hot chocolate and blankets and drive around town looking at lights. This move just screams Christmas fun to me.

  2. Kailene says

    Thanks for the ideas. I’m thinking about planning a Polar Express Party and inviting all of our little friends over in Pj’s for the book reading and hot chocolate bar. Then load everyone one up for a caravan of Xmas light looking. I like the idea from Renee about stringing lights in the car.
    Thanks again!

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