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Fabric Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! This is all part of A Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway! This amazing giveaway is hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Earning-My-Cape and Tutus & Tea Parties and has a Christmas, crafting, and supporting small business theme. Each blogger is offering her/his own giveaway worth $25 or more going on now through Sunday, November 4, 2012. And guess what? There are 57 bloggers participating! You can enter all the giveaways if you want! }

What You Can Win:

If it isn’t already becoming apparent on my blog, let me tell you something. I am addicted to fabric. And while I do enjoy a trip to the local fabric store to pick up new fabric, my favorite way to shop for fabric is online. It’s easier to browse for what you are looking for, PLUS, it’s such a rush to get a package full of fabric in the mail!

Where’s my favorite place to shop for fabric?

Hypernoodle Fabric Shop

Hypernoodle Fabrics. Oh how I love that store. I originally discovered Hypernoodle Fabrics on Etsy, but now they have an online store front as well.

Why do I love this store? 4 reasons:

1. I love the selection of designer fabrics. Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and all the other biggies. Plus, they are constantly getting a new stream of fabrics in. In fact, I am waiting for this one right now. I want to use it to decorate in my bedroom. Look at a few other great ones. Love this, and this, and this. I could go on and on.

2. They have a section on their site called Duos and Trios where they put a couple of fabrics together and sell them as a set. I like this because I don’t always have a good eye for what goes well together.

3. The fabric arrives SO fast! I order and it’s in my mailbox sometimes as fast as 2 days later. I am always shocked.

4. It comes packaged up so cute. Nothing beats getting fabric in the mail in my world, but to get it in cute packaging with a bow and everything? Love it.


OK, so have I raved enough? Now, on to the giveaway.

Hypernoodle Fabrics is giving away a stack of fabric to one of my lucky readers. It’s six 1/2 yard cuts of fun fabrics. Check this out:

Fabric Giveaway

You want it? Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Vianely says

    hi!. I love michael miller. I already sewed a pair of pieces for my baby girl in that’s all dots and other one that I don’t remember, but is a brown background with hearts of multi colors <3

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