Halloween Hand Towels

What is it about the month of October that makes me want to craft and bake like a mad woman? Does anyone else get that way? I can’t seem to stop myself.

For the 1st of October I was trapped at home with a sick kid, so what did I do? (Other than tend oh-so-lovingly to his needs of course.) I crafted and I baked.

Here’s what I came up with in the sewing department:
Halloween Spider Dish Towel

And…remember my witch legs shirt? How about a hand towel version:

Witch Legs Halloween Decor

Halloween hand towels or dish towels! And easy and fun Halloween craft and a great gift idea.

Want to make some of your own?


What You Need:

Plain dish towels or hand towels (I got mine at Target in a 2 pack for $3.49. Really you could use any Halloweenish color)


Fabric scraps

Fabric Mod Podge or Iron on transfer paper


Halloween Hand Towels Tutorial:

I think these are fairly self explanatory. Pick an image that you want to put on it. Want to use the ones I did? Here are pattern pieces for both the witch legs and the spider. But really, you can do anything.

Either iron on the transfer paper to the back of your fabric and cut it out, OR spread a thin layer of fabric mod podge on the back of your fabric, let it dry and cut out your shapes. Either way will work.

Either iron your shapes in place on your towel or using your fabric mod podge again, spread a layer on the back of your shapes and press them down where you want them.

To add the bows to the witch legs I just sewed them in place (just a few stitched right into the center of them).

Halloween DIY Decor Ideas

For the spider’s legs I actually used a very tight zig zag stitch and created them by doing that. BUT, you could certainly just use fabric. In fact, I think I might recommend that. Just iron the legs in place or mod podge them in place. The web coming from him is paint. And his eyeballs are paint. Really, just do whatever works for you.

Spider Halloween Decoration pattern

And then I sewed the bow in place on her neck. (His neck?)

Then just add ribbon embellishment. I sewed those in place. Maybe you could iron them or mod podge them instead? Love this ribbon!

And then I rolled them up and tied them with another cute ribbon:

Perfect Halloween gift for friends. I will show you what I did with them tomorrow.

Don’t they look cute?

Halloween Towels

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    I am the exact same way! The baking and crafting is out of control. I feel like I am feverishly trying to keep up with my ideas, which is hard with a 3 year old and a teething 6 month old! Good thing you and I don’t live near one another or we could be a really bad influence on one another. :) Love these towels! Darling!

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    Adorable!! These towels are so cute! Thanks for joining the fun at Keep Calm and Link Up! Make sure to come back next Friday to see if you were featured!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net


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