Cute Halloween Witch

Last year I was walking through a store checking out their Halloween decor and saw a cute witch and thought-“oh she’s cute! I think I will buy her.” Then I thought some more and decided that she was only sort of cute and that I could probably make something cuter.

So I did. I came home and literally used scraps and things that I had around made her.

Cute Halloween Witch Decor

She hangs from my door, though really you could hang her anywhere. I am just not really a wreath person so this suits me better. Remember, I have a thing for cute witches.

Homemade Halloween Witch Decoration:

Like I said, I made this little witchy last year, before I started the blog, so I didn’t take step by step instruction pictures. But, I did my best to take some pictures and break it down for you. Let’s start with the face:

How to make a cute witch

I used felt to make her face. I cut out two large circle in the green to be the front and back of her head. I then sewed on her eyes and mouth (if you don’t want to sew you can definitely use Heat ‘n’ Bond and just iron them on). For the nose I cut out a green circle and then did a loose hand stitch with needle and thread, in and out all the way around the nose. I stuffed some stuffing inside and pulled my thread tight to create a little pouch. Then just hot glued it in place.

With right sides together I sewed the head all the way around leaving an opening at the bottom. I stuffed some more stuffing inside.

Cut out 2 tall triangles for her hat. I only have a brim on the front of her head so that she lays flat with nothing in the way on the back. So, cut out a little brim (I also did all of this in felt) and sew it to one of your triangles. Then, with right sides together, sew the triangles together on two sides, leaving the bottom open. Turn your hat right side out and stuff it with stuffing. Hot glue it onto her head. Oh, and I tied a cute purple bow around the hat to add some color and fun.

For the hair I just hot glued yarn to her head. I purposefully used the rumply yarn from the inside of the skein so that her hair looked wrinkly. Make a Witch decoration

With her head done you’ll want to make her cloak. To do this I just grabbed a piece of black fabric, cut a hole in the middle for her neck and then cut the fabric to look all raggedy around the edges.

I used a clothes hanger to put her all together. I shoved the top of the hanger up into her little stuffing brain inside the head with the cloak draped over the hanger. I pulled the edges of the bottom of her head around the hanger and hot glued them to keep it secure.

Then I added a bow to her neck.

Add a little loop to the back of her hat so that you can hang her:

And you’re done! Hang her on your door or anywhere in your house. And get creative-make her however YOU want! And then show me pictures.

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