Girl’s Witch Legs Shirt

Girl's Witch Legs Shirt Tutorial and Pattern

I like cute witches. And I like making cute little girl things for the non-existent girls in my life. What can I say? It’s sort of an addiction.

I love these cute girl’s Halloween shirts. Love them. But anyway, what an easy project. And I love how it turned out. Want to make one for the little witches in your life?

Cute Halloween shirts for girls

What You Need:

1 shirt (I got mine at Walmart for less than $4)

Fabric for the legs (use anything!) and shoes and buckles


Fabric Mod Podge

Needle and thread (in the color of your ribbon)


Cute Halloween Shirts for Girl’s: Witch Legs:

Print out the pattern pieces

Prepare your fabric by pre-washing it and ironing it. Now, take your fabric mod podge and paint a thin layer on the back of it and let it dry completely.

Cut out your legs (make them however long or short you want), shoes and buckles out of your prepared fabric.

Grab your fabric mod podge again and paint it onto the back of your shoes making sure to paint the whole thing-clear to the edges. Press them down into place. Do the same thing with your legs and your buckles.

Make some cute little bows with your ribbon and hand stitch them in place. I just did about 5 stitches through each ribbon is all.

And that’s it. I love how it turned out!Witch Legs Girls Shirt DIY

Now, seriously-who wants to win it? Because I have no one to put it on. This one is a size 3T but I would say it runs small-looks like it would fit about a 2 year old. Maybe a very small 3 year old.

Enter here:

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  1. Anissa says

    So cute! My little just watched the Wizard of Oz and is currently obsessed with “wicky witches.” She would love & proudly wear this sweet top! And since I’m currently working on her princess costume, it would be nice to have one already made for her ;)

  2. says

    I love that my youngest babe’s bday is very near Halloween (Oct 27) – I now have an excuse to buy cute Halloween things…especially the cute chocolate candy. ;)

    • Amber says

      I am told that it holds up in the wash but that you might need to touch it up a little after the first wash. Just apply a little more mod podge under the edges where needed.

  3. VickiT says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the little kids faces all excited about dressing up and getting all the goodies/treats. They’re just adorable.

  4. Mutti says

    I would love to win this adorable shirt! My granddaughters would enjoy sharing it for the Halloween season! Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  5. Isabel Z says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is taking my kids trick-or-treating. They get so excited:-) I also love decorating the house.

  6. Alison says

    Umm… I didn’t even know fabric modge podge existed! I have used a fabric glue before that didn’t last at all. I can’t wait to try it! I love your cute design too! My daughter is wearing 2t/3t right now so I think this giveaway was meant for her lol!

    • Holly says

      I love the candy – oh and taking my three girls around the neighborhood all dress up. And the margarita I put in my cup during the night :) With a 5.5 yr. old and twin 4 yr. olds I’ll need one this year :)

  7. Gina Strickland says

    I Love the excitement of my grandchildren of picking out their costumes and doing the whole fall thing!! I so love it!!!

  8. Valerie says

    I love Halloween and usually keep something of a halloween type nature all around me. I also like dressing up in a costume with my kids and taking pictures.

  9. says

    I just made about 15 of these shirts for the girls at my daughter’s birthday party and they looked so adorable! Thank you so much! You can check out the picture of all of the girls wearing their shirts on my blog!

  10. Laurie says

    My 7 year old grandaughter wore this to school yesterday with some black leggings & sparkly silver ballet flats and looked absolutely darling. Of all the holiday-themed outfits I have made for her over the years, I think that this one was the cutest! Thanks so much for the idea!

  11. 3LittleBirds says

    This is adorable! I have three little girls, and cannot wait to make these for them. My middle daughter, age 4, is going to be a witch for Halloween. We have her striped tights, pretty skirt, and I had no idea what to put on her for her shirt. This is PERFECT!! I can do it on a sweatshirt (we live in the midwest where it’s always cold on Halloween). Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!


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