Scotcharoos Recipe

I know, I know. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that I have a major sweet tooth. Not even a sweet tooth really, but a hardcore chocolate addiction. And here is yet another recipe that involves a combination of peanut butter and chocolate. At least in this case it has a little butterscotch in there too!

The truth is that out of all the treats I ever have in my house, these probably tempt me the most. So I don’t make them very often. I will seriously eat half a pan little by little in an afternoon. They are just the perfect combination of great flavor combined with nice, chewy texture.

They’re called Scotcharoos. Ever had them?

Scotcharoos Recipe-These things are AMAZING! I can eat the whole pan in a day.

Scotcharoos Recipe:

6 cups of Rice Krispies
1 C light karo syrup
1 C sugar
1 C peanut butter
6 oz. butterscotch chips
6 oz. chocolate chips

Pour your Rice Krispies into a large bowl and set aside.

In a small pan mix your karo syrup and your sugar and bring just barely to a boil, stirring constantly. When it just starts to boil, add your peanut butter and mix it in.

Take it off the heat and pour your mixture over your Rice Krispies and mix it all together.

In a well greased 9 x 13″ pan press your Rice Krispie mixture in, just like you would for Rice Krispie treats. You want them in there good but don’t press too hard because you don’t want them too packed in. (I grease my hands and just use them to press the mixture down into place.)

Mix your chips in a bowl and put them in the microwave for 1 minute. About halfway through your minute though, take them out and stir them, then put them back in. When they are good and melted, smear it all over the top of your Rice Krispie layer.

You’re done but you need to let the chocolate set up a little. If you need to rush it, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes (but don’t leave them there because you want them chewy, not hard).

Cut into small pieces and go crazy!

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  1. Nicole says

    We have always made these for the holidays. The kids just love them! We also sprinkle Red and green sprinkles on them and called them Kris Kringle’s.

  2. Jaki says

    My dad has been making these for me since I was a kid. In fact, I think that it was the first thing that I actually learned how to cook. I love them, and they bring me back to my childhood. This post made me want to share them with my new family and spread the joy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  3. amy says

    I make these using an ice cream scoop for individual servings. Then I melt the 2 different chips in the microwave; using a tsp of crisco for a nice texture, and then drizzle over the scoops! Kids love them that way too:)

  4. Diane says

    I make this same recipe but for the frosting I use 6 oz milk chocolate chips and 6oz peanut butter chips! Great combination with the peanut butter in the krispie mix! Always a hit for a gathering!!!

  5. Kathy Edmonds says

    Like others, we have had these in our family for years. But every time I take them to some gathering people have never heard of them and ask for the recipe. My mom originally found the recipe on a box of Rice Krispies when we were kids. Sometimes I surprise my students with them as a treat when they have been exceptional, usually with a substitute.

  6. JK says

    What is karo? Is that a brand name for something? If so you should use the actual term. Brands are not always offered everywhere.

  7. Heidi Trubacz says

    I make a variation of these with rice krispies, then equal parts chocolate and butterscotch
    chips, no other ingredients.

  8. Cari says

    Scotcharoos are my families most favorite treat! This recipe is exactly the same one we’ve used for years! I LOOVVVEEE these evil little treats. They are so hard to stop eating!

  9. Marty says

    My grandmother used to make these! ( or something VERY similar!) I LOVED them growing up and am very excited to have this recipe! THANK YOU!!

  10. says

    trying to use the print friendly button for the scotcharoos recipe and it will not work. I don’t want 20 pages just for one short recipe with all the added pix and advertising.

  11. Kim says

    Make these for my husband using soy butter in place of the peanut butter, as he is allergic to peanuts! They are mmmmm yummy!

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