Monster Pictures for Kid’s Bedroom

In this past month this bookshelf has been the hottest post on my blog. I’ve been surprised at how popular it has gotten! Maybe I’ll go ahead and show you a few other simple things I made for his room.

I got the idea to do a monster theme and to use really bright colors (hence the really bright bookshelf). The very first thing I made for his room, even before we moved into this house, were these monster pictures:

Kid's Monster Bedroom Decor Ideas


Honestly, I don’t even know where I got the idea for these. I can’t remember? But I love how they turned out and I love how they look hanging on his wall.

To start with I bought some frames at Michael’s that were cheap and were either brown or white (again, can’t remember) and then I just painted them in these bright colors. It took many layers to completely cover them.

To create the monsters I actually searched the internet for inspiration. I found some pictures of monsters that I liked and based mine off of them. I used fat quarters in the bright colors and fun patterns.

I can’t decide which monster is my favorite-the one in the red frame?

Monster Decor

Or the green?

Bright colored decor for kids room

This guy’s pretty cute too:

DIY Kid's Room Decor

To do it, since sewing is my medium, I appliqued the fabric. It helps to put paper behind what you are sewing and then just rip it off as you go. That keeps the fabric from bunching. Here’s a close up of the applique:

Applique bedroom decorations

But, let me just say that you could create something like this in several different ways. If you want to use fabric, you could grab a bottle of fabric mod podge and use it instead of sewing. (I didn’t know about fabric mod podge when I made these guys).

Or, if fabric isn’t your thing-how about scrapbook paper? You could basically create the same thing with scrapbook paper and glue. And it doesn’t just have to be monsters-you could make anything! (And if you do, I want to see it.)

Love these little guys:

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