Making Back to School Fun Ideas

It’s back to school for two of my kiddos today. The third will start preschool next week and the fourth is still home with me. I’m so sad. We’ve had such a great summer. I love having my kids around.

Then again, I feel like I haven’t had a spare moment to myself in ages. Maybe, just maybe, I will get one or two of those alone moments with them back in school. Heck, maybe I can even start blogging again. I feel like I have hardly posted anything in a long time!

I am disappointed that our back to school pics are a little blurry. I may retake them when they get home this afternoon and pretend it’s still morning…

One of the things I love most about being a mom is doing little things to make my kid’s lives just a little bit magical. Just the fun little touches that add excitement. Back to school is definitely a time for that! Here’s what I did to make this day fun at our house.

Remember my back to school post? Well, I used several of the ideas from that and added a few more of my own.

For starters we needed a fun back to school breakfast. My boys’ favorite breakfast surprise is muffins. Easy enough right? I made this recipe and added a fun touch with back to school printable cupcake toppers.

At lunch I stuck a simple bag of cookies with a cute note in there. Got that idea and free printable here.

I love to do a fun treat for when they get home from school. Last year it was this cake. This year I decided to do something a little different and I did these pencils made of Pringles cans.OK, mine aren’t perfect, but I think the boys are going to LOVE them!

Back to school traditions
Here’s what I put inside:

Watercolors, a pack of markers, an colorful pencil, Laffy Taffy, a koosh ball, Reese’s, Kit Kats, and stickers. Really, you could put anything in there.

For dinner I think we will have my boys’ favorite, homemade pizza:

Gonnago pick them up in about a half an hour. Hoping they had a great first day!

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  1. Tracey says

    brilliant ideas and you make them seem possible even for someone as unartistic as me!!

    Just wondering, do you have any ideas for crafty ideas / sewing ideas suitavle for for the teens pleeeeease?? x

  2. Mayra says

    I have been doing your Toddler Backpack but I’m stuck cause the lining says to cut two 41/2 by 30 for zipper and the one panel 41/2 by 30 as well, were on the outside material it says to cut two for the zipper 17 by 3, so is the inside suppose to be bigger? than the out side? or should I cut the same measurements as the outside material…sorry I no I am writing to you at the wrong project.

    • Amber says

      Sorry I haven’t responded! Did you go ahead with it already? I need to double check my pattern but that should be correct I believe.

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