Bathroom Ledge Shelves

Last week I decorated my downstairs bathroom…FINALLY! We’ve lived here a year and I really thought it would be the very first thing I did. Want to see the finished project? Check it out here.

One of the main things I added to that bathroom were some very simple shelves to hold pictures:

Easy ledge shelves
Bathroom ledge shelves

Guess what? The wood for those cost only $4.07 and then all you need are a few screws, nails, wood glue and some paint.

Pretty easy I guess. Although the truth is, my husband did all the drilling for me and he wasn’t the world’s happiest camper while doing it.

I got the plans for these shelves here. You can get the full directions there. But here’s a basic run down.

I bought my wood at Lowe’s and just had them cut it right there for me to the length I wanted, which was 20″ to fit right above the toilet. You need 3 pieces for each shelf.

Then you simply drill a hole and screw one piece to the other and nail on the front piece.

We filled with some wood glue:

And then I just painted them white. And hubby drilled them straight into the wall.

Check out the finished bathroom here:

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