You Are My Sunshine Cupcakes

My baby turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. Because he was born on summer solstice and because of his “sunny disposition” I decided to make sunshine cupcakes to celebrate the big day.

They’re kind of kookie, but that’s the fun of it right?

Sunshine Cupcake Tutorial
Sunshine birthday cake

They were pretty easy to make.

I used my favorite cupcake recipe (minus the reese’s). It’s so good.

Here’s what you need:
Marshmallow fondant
Yellow licorice
Red and black gel

To make it, start out by cutting your licorice into small pieces. I cut mine in thirds and then cut each third in half length-wise to make it skinny.

Slide your licorice onto a toothpick and then insert your toothpick into your cupcake.

baby's first birthday cake ideas
cupcake ideas

Stick as many in around the cupcake as you want. It might look cute with more than I used.

Now, roll out your fondant (my friend taught me to spread shortening on the area you are going to roll it on and it makes a world of difference!). Find a cup that is about the size of your cupcakes and use that to cut your yellow circles.

Frost your cupcake and then stick the fondant on top. Then use a small circle (I used a cake decorating tip) to cut out your white eyes. Use frosting to stick them in place.

Last, use your gel to make a smile and eyeballs.

Sunshine cupcakes

Pretty cute?

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