What is Washi Tape?

Yesterday I showed you my very first Washi Tape project

What is washi tape

What in the world is washi tape you ask? It’s Japanese and it’s the latest crafting craze. It’s basically just pretty masking tape. You can get it in a million styles. And it’s very easy to use and can be used to dress up just about anything!

Where do you get it? So far I have bought it online at Very Jane and Groop Dealz. There are lots of Etsy stores that sell it too. It costs between about $2.50 to $4 per roll and I was surprised how long a roll lasts. Anyone else have a great source for it?

I loved using washi tape. It’s cheap, it’s cute and it’s very easy to work with! But what else can you make with washi tape? There are SO many ideas floating out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

Washi Tape Tin Cans:

OK, this is seriously creative, how about a bike helmet makeover?

Dress up birthday cards:

Or make cute gift tags:

Or maybe even a gift box:

I love this cute Washi Tape bow!

Fancy up your iphone?

Now, what are you going to make?

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