Washi Tape Notebook and Pen Set

Ever since I started my blog and have been surfing through the craft blog world I keep hearing about Washi Tape. It’s all over the internet. But what is Washi tape? Have you heard of it?

Washi Tape is a fun crafting tape-it’s like masking tape but with fun colorful patterns.

So I wanted to try it. (*And if you keep reading to the bottom of this post, you too can try it!) There are SO many ideas of things you can do with it on the internet. But here’s what I came up with for my first project.

It’s a Washi Tape Notebook with a matching pen:

Washi Tape Journal and Pen
washi tape journals
washi tape pens

I made a bunch of these for the teenage girls from church. They were pretty easy and turned out great and the girls loved them.

Here’s how:

Grab a small notebook of any sort-really it could be any size or shape you want.

First, I covered the notebook with paper to hide the pattern on the notebook (didn’t want that to show through).

I traced the notebook onto white paper and cut it out.

Then using extra strength glue stick I glued it in place:

Then you simply start making lines of your washi tape across the notebook-starting from the top going down:

It’s ok to let it hang over the side on the side. Then just trim it when you are done:

Make them in any pattern and using as many colors as you want:

Now, for the matching pens, take the lid off and pull out the inner part of the pen. Using one long piece of washi tape, lay your pen in the center of it and wrap the washi tape around:

Slide the pen back into place. I then painted the lid with nail polish to give it a little flair! So fun.


Want to try Washi Tape yourself? You can! I am giving away a set of Washi tape and some small notebooks so you can make your own. But even better? Some of my blogging friends are joining with me for this giveaway.
One lucky winner is going to get washi tape and notebooks plus a whole stash of other craft supplies to make the projects they are showing off this week too!
Here’s the deal-check out these blogs and their tutorials. Then enter to win supplies to make all of these crafts! There’s vinyl for vinyl lettering, pillowcase dress supplies, mod podge, fancy jars and fabric, and burlap! You will be able to make 5 crafts if you win this baby.

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Enter to win this craft stash here:

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  1. says

    I am addicted to washi tape and have been building up a collection trying to figure out the best project or idea to use them for. This was a great post with a clever idea!

  2. says

    This is so cute! Love it and will for sure pin and make some of my own for gifts. Thank you for sharing.
    You should link this up to The CSI project starting today. The challenge is refashions/upcycles. This would be perfect and you just might be a winner!
    Come on by!

  3. says

    Such a great idea!! The notebooks look FABULOUS!! I have yet to try washi tape! I so want to though!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  4. Cassie says

    Hai, just wondering, I want the exact same look, maybe some polka dots, but what type of pen was that? I know it’s bic but… Yah. I only have those clicker pens or whatever, but I would really appreciate if you can tell me the model of it.

    Smiles and Hugs, Cassie

    dreamingofmarshmallows.blogspot.com New entry coming SOON, just doing my research

  5. Tracey says

    I am sooo gonna make these for our girls…they will love the individuality of them.
    You have come up trumps again…now…to find a stockist in the UK for craft making supplies.
    x x x

  6. Indiescrapper says

    I love the pen idea. May I suggest using a sealant for the notebooks? I made a couple and the tape ripped right off. Using a sealant like modpodge will help the tape not to tear or fall off.

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