Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Back in high school I worked at Dairy Queen. During the summer when I got home from work I found myself craving even more ice cream even though I ate plenty at work. I still really love ice cream. Of course it’s great at all seasons but ice cream in the summer is essential.

So how about an nice ice cream cake? My mother in law is world famous (ok, ok, maybe just famous in our family) for these cakes. I made my first one for my son’s birthday this month.

Going back to my previously mentioned addiction to chocolate and peanut butter, (Reese’s cupcakes, Reese’s cookies…) now I give you Chocolate and Peanut Butter Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake:

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake Recipe

It’s an easy summer treat that anyone can make. And, you can make it in ANY flavor you prefer.

Here’s how:

What You Need:
2 tubs of ice cream-any flavor you want (mint would be really good too!)
1 package of cookies-again, any flavor you want
Hot Fudge (I used this homemade recipe but you can use store bought if you prefer)
Candy to top it (optional)

To start, line 2 round cake pans with foil:
how to make an ice cream cake

Make your hot fudge ahead of time if you are going to make the homemade kind. I recommend the homemade kind. It is REALLY good!

Gather the rest of your supplies:
Ice cream cake recipe

On a side note, can I just tell you that this is the world’s best ice cream. I was introduced to it about a year ago by my brother when I was in the hospital to have a baby. The baby had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks, so to get my through those middle of the night drives to the hospital…I ate a lot of this:

chocolate peanut butter ice cream

OK, anyway, back to the cake. With your foil lined pans ready, smash your cookies into crumbs:

ice cream cake tutorial

Pour them into the bottom of your pans and then drizzle hot fudge on top of that:

hot fudge and ice cream cake

And spread it around:

Next, use an ice cream scoop to put ice cream on top of that. I used the whole tub.

Then spread it around until it is smooth.

Now you can easily pop the whole thing out of the pan and peel the foil off: Put it on a cake stand or something, but remember, you need to be able to get it back in your freezer.

Reeses cake

Stack one layer of the cake on top of the other and top with something fun and fancy. In my case I used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups chopped up and more hot fudge drizzled on.

And you’re done. Yummy and easy! I think I will try mint and chocolate next.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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  1. says

    That looks incredible!!! And it seems simple to make too! I am going to have to try this.. thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!


  2. Jo says

    Hi Thanks for the recipe. I had some Reece’s peanut butter moose so i made homemade vanilla icecream and folded it then made the second batch of vanilla icecream i put the oreo’s on the bottom with your unreal choc fudge sauce, i also put it inbetween layers and decorated the top. i was told it is the best ice cream cake i have made. I just wanted to say thanks :)

  3. Awbrey says

    You take the foil off before freezing the layers? I would think it would be too melty at that point.
    I really want to try this, as soon as there is a birthday in my family! BTW I used to live in Oregon and loved going to the Tillamook factory, their squeeky cheese is great, I’ve never tried the ice cream!

  4. Melissa G. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband’s birthday is on Father’s Day this year so the kids and I knew we had to do an extra special cake and this one fits the bill. We are also Reese’s addicts in this house and I was just thinking about spending $40 on a store-made version of this that surely wouldn’t be as good. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

  5. Sarah Stoffregen says

    After you smooth the ice cream do you put the pans in the freezer? It doesn’t say that in the instructions that I can see but I don’t see how else you could easily pop it out of the pan unless it was frozen. Thanks

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