Superhero Mask Template and Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I taught you to make a personalized superhero cape, but what cape is complete with out a coordinating mask? Now you can make the set!

Superhero Mask Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

This is a tutorial for those cool masks. Want to create a matching, personalized superhero cape to go with it? The tutorial for that is here.

Superhero Cape Pattern by Crazy Little Projects

I let my little 4 year old pick the colors on the one he is modeling…he picked red and white with yellow accents. I was thinking lime green and black or something cool like that, but oh well. Turned out pretty great anyway.

Superhero Mask Template and Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:
A small amount of 2 colors of fabric (or you can use the same color on the front and the back)
1 package double wide folded bias tape in a coordinating color
1 piece of elastic (about 1 foot long)
Superhero Mask Pattern Pieces

This mask is different and more sturdy than most superhero masks you will see because it has a double layer of fabric. It seriously took me some major brain power to figure out how to do this. (Don’t laugh) It won’t seem all that tricky to you now, but it’s quite a feat of engineering! You have to turn it through the eye holes to make it work.

First, print out your pattern pieces. Cut 1 piece of fabric from the large pattern piece and 2 from the smaller one. They can be the same color or different, it’s up to you.

Trace the eye holes on with a washable marker or chalk. Also trace the dotted line on the smaller pieces.
Pin the 2 smaller pieces on the large piece matching up the edges.
Create your own mask

Sew around your eye holes about 1/4 inch outside the markings.
Mask and cape tutorial

Using some nice, sharp scissors, cut out the eye holes using the markings as guides:
Girls mask pattern

Now, pull the small pieces through the eye holes:
Superman mask

And press them smooth: (see, wasn’t that kind of tricky?)
Make a mask

Now here is the really tricky part. I hope this makes sense.

You are going to fold the front side of the mask (the part shown in the image above) in half and pull the two ends of the small pieces from the back around so that you can sew them together on the dotted line you made earlier. Make sure you have right sides together when you do this:
Mask tutorial

Then turn it so that it is all right side out. It should look like this (on the back) when you are done:
Kid's mask pattern

Now press it flat.

Using your bias tape, pin it all the way around the mask and sew it in place: (I start at the edge where the strap is going to be and go around from there.)
Boy's mask

To make the band for around the head, cut a piece of fabric about 22 inches by 2-3 inches and sew it together the long way:

How to make a mask

Turn it right side out (use a safety pin pinned to one end, push it through the inside until it comes out the other end, then pull the remaining fabric through). Insert your elastic (about 12 inches) into the casing you just made and pull it through making sure to sew it in place on the starting end and then pulling the fabric down around the elastic and sewing it on the other end. Sew it in place on the mask…and you’re done! (See, I got my lime green and black mask made anyway. My 7 year old liked this one.)

Kids reversible mask
He’s going to love it!

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  1. Susan says

    I made this for my grandson’s birthday. The cape was a breeze and was done in 2 hours. The mask on the other hand….let’s just say that the 4th attempt was successful! Your instructions were right on, it was more me. Those darn eye holes gave me fits. Love your site and I truly enjoy my emails from you. I will let you know what he thinks after his party.

  2. Stephanie says

    I adore this, it’s so cute! I would love to try and make a mask and cape each for a close friends two girls, when I click to get the pattern though, it just takes me to a website and I can see no patter for the mask. Where am I going wrong?
    Thank you,

  3. says

    I think I am too dumb to understand. I can’t seem to figure out how and where to pull the fabric through to get the mask reversed and look the way they should look.
    Would you be able to give me more instructions on where exactly I have to pull what through? Thanks beforehand!

  4. Wanda says

    Thank you sooo much! That trick with the eye holes is just awesome. My Grandson will have a quality mask to go with his quality superhero cape.

  5. Sarah says

    Love the cape and mask tutorials! My nephews are going to LOVE these for Christmas. I have a question about the bias tape, though. I’m having a hard time pinning it around the rounded sides of the mask. Is there a trick to this? I’ve never actually used bias tape before, so any tips you can give me would be helpful! Thanks!

  6. sue says

    I have twin 3 year old grandsons I am going to make these for. Thank you for sharing. Can’t you tell me how wide the 12″ piece of elastic is? It comes in different sizes. Assuming the thinnest but wanted to be sure. Thanks Sue

  7. Stacey says

    I’m confused about the part where you sew the small pieces together after folding the front in half. How do I access it and have right sides together? Thank you in advance!

  8. Debbie says

    I have also been up at night trying to figure out how to do the eyeholes….GREAT solution! I am sewing masks for my entire department at work, and this is how I will do it.

    Thank you!

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